Can You Build A Cardboard Foosball Table And How?

Whether you are a young adult or a mature person, a foosball table is great fun for people of all ages. Even though today we live in an age dominated by technology, mobile phones, and computers, all true fans of this game will always find time for one or more games of foosball. To be realistic, when you play one game, you will spend hours playing foosball boards with your friends or children. There are different types of foosball brands, and tables can be quite expensive. What to do in a situation if you do not have $ 300-500 in your wallet? Can you make your version of the foosball board and how much will it cost you?

Cardboard Foosball Table for only $5

For much less money you can make a cardboard foosball table and the fun will be just as good as playing a classic foosball table. (maybe not quite, but you know what I mean) Table football is an extremely popular and interesting game. It is just as interesting to play it individually as in a pair, or a group. Find some free time and spend it well with your children.

In this article, we will explain on how you can put a cardboard table football together from things you can find in the house. This game will be especially interesting for small children, whom the classic foosball table is sometimes obviously too high. Believe it or not, this rudimentary version of foosball table is much cheaper and you will need no more than $ 5 to make a great party for yourself and your little ones.

Let’s see what are all the necessary things to make a cardboard foosball board in your own home.


All necessary things at home

If you happen to be missing a few things at home then you will have to go to the store. But you will not need more than a few dollars to buy the necessary building components for this miniature foosball game. Once you get all the necessary material, making a cardboard table football will be a real cat’s cough for you. It’s easier than you imagine, you will make a great toy that will allow you and your kids to make some memories. As we have already mentioned, you will almost certainly find all the necessary materials at home. All you need for the home cardboard foosball tournament is :

  • an old shoe box
  • clips/laundry pegs
  • a few wooden sticks
  • scissors
  • knife
  • some paint or coloring pens
  • glue/staples
  • pingpong ball or alternatives


Tips for making cardboard foosball table

Cardboard and goals

As you can see from the material list, you only need a minimal investment to create top-notch entertainment, especially for the youngest ones in your home. Get their eyes and little hands off those tablets and get some quality parenthood going!

Let’s go step by step now. In every type of football, including the foosball table, the goal is to score as many goals as possible against your opponent. So the first thing you need to do is create score goals to make this game make sense at all.

  1. Take that old shoebox you have or any other cardboard box in the dimensions of your choice.
  2. Draw an appropriate size goal gates on each long end, depending on how big of a game you are gonna create, and how big your foosball ball is.
  3. After that, you need to use a knife or any sharp object and make cuts on the markings, which will represent the goals in the cardboard foosball table. Do this on both sides of the cardboard box.
  4. Now, you will be left with a small amount of excess cardboard that you will can use later.

Players and wooden sticks

If you want your box to look more stylish and beautiful, you can wrap the box with any type of decorative paper. It is not necessary to do this, but the box will definitely look better. And it’s a great opportunity to allow your little artist’s imagination and creativity run wild. As we know in football, you need someone who will score a goal, so for your cardboard foosball board, you will need figures that simulate football players and that will be placed in the appropriate places on the box.

  1. You will take a knife or any sharp object again and make four equal holes on both sides of the box, through which you will insert wooden sticks on which the figures of football players will stand.
  2. Now you can place an adhesive tape or some kind of bandage on the end of each stick, which will make it easier for you to manipulate the sticks because that will make gripping much easier and comfortable.
  3. Once you’ve inserted the sticks it’s time to set up the players. If you want to be more creative, then you can cut off some figurines from a cardboard to make it look like a standard foosball table. Just need a little glue and coloring pen or paint and you will have great figurines that make it look half decent.

Remember those excess cardboard you cut off previously? Yes, time for them to shine, let’s not waste them. Use them to make some little figurines.

If you find it too tiring, then the clips will serve as improvised football figures. You can place the appropriate number of clips on each of the sticks. It will depend on the size of the box you used to make the cardboard foosball. It depends on your creativity and how the players will look. The simplest and cheapest version is to use clothes pegs in two different colors and place them on sticks. It will work, but my in personal experience the pegs could slip and miss a hit if it’s poorly made.

Foosball Ball

After you have scored goals and players, then you need to have a ball that you will drive into the opponent’s goal by handling your players. You can use a table tennis ball as a ball for the cardboard foosball table. To make everything look like real football, you can paint the ball with a marker so that it looks like a real soccer ball. Of course, if you think it’s too big, you can always find alternatives such as marbles. (it is a bit heavy though, if the figures aren’t fixated properly it’ll slip) If you want to use an actual foosball ball, and you happen to have one, that can work too.

This way for just a few bucks you’ve made a great cardboard foosball board and the fun can begin. As in the standard foosball table, this model made of cardboard can be enjoyed by all people.

Still confused? Watch this tutorial on how to make a cardboard soccer table!


Finished? Let The Fun Begin!

Why foosball? In this game, children can compete with their friends, against their parents, a boy against a girl, a brother against a brother or sister, etc. As we mentioned, what your cardboard foosball board will look like depends on your effort, and creativity. You can do your best to paint the inside of the box green so that it looks like a real football field or a field similar to the one in a standard foosball table. With a brush dipped in paint, you can draw lines on the field so that it looks like a real football field. You can mark the lines of the center of the court, the penalty area, the penalty kick. We mentioned the ping pong ball and you can use anything that could be used as a ball to be the right size. You can decorate your box in different ways or you don’t have to.

With very little effort you can get a really fun game for people of all ages. As you can see, it doesn’t take much time to make a cardboard foosball table, but when you finish making it, the fun will last for hours, just like in a classic foosball table. If you can’t afford a real foosball table, or you don’t find it necessary, then a cardboard foosball table will be a great alternative for you, for which you will need a minimum amount of money. Follow all the above-mentioned instructions and you will easily make your improvised foosball table. As in any game, victory and defeat are an integral part, it’s a perfect opportunity to teach the youngsters don’t get too upset, have fun in the right way.

Warning: For those who don’t like to lose and have a tantrum, this table is definitely much easier to destroy than a classic foosball table.

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