Buying Used Foosball Table – What To Look For

Buying Used Foosball Table ? Here’s What To Look For

Playing foosball with friends, family, or coworkers may be a great way to relax and have fun without being distracted by digital products, as you would when playing real soccer. Any home would benefit from having a modern foosball table, and they are not as expensive as you may think. But you should know what to look for when buying a used foosball table, no matter what location you are going to place it in.

One of the first considerations you might make before purchasing a foosball table is its size. We will share information about some Foosball Table Types and help you explain what you must look for before making a decision on any table.

Foosball Table Types


These heavy tables are typically left in one spot because of their size. Such tables can be made from solid wood or from wood and particle board combined. If it is shipped to you, a full-sized game table or a typical foosball table may need some assembly. The operating parts of a high-quality standard table can often last a very long period if properly maintained.


Coin-operated foosball tables are primarily developed for commercial use and are constructed with strong, heavy-duty materials to endure frequent use by numerous players. Arcades, bars, restaurants, and other public spaces can use these models.


A tabletop, on the other hand, is one of the items that is meant to be set on top of a sturdy floor. It can be transported anywhere you choose because it is much smaller and lighter and can be handled about the house. Tabletops come in a variety of quality levels, including stand-alone models, with some being made of plastic.

Combination Game Table

A foosball table that can also be used for other games like chess, checkers, air hockey, table tennis, bowling, and so forth is referred to as a combination table game. For people who don’t have a lot of space at home for gaming, it is also incredibly space-efficient. This table fits anywhere easily without having you moving your luggage and other accessories here and there in your house.

Used Foosball Table Buying Guide – What To Look For

Table Size

The size you can buy depends on your particular tastes and the size of your space. Before you furnish your game room, get a table that is both easy to set together and heavy enough to stay steady. The size should not exceed the limit and make sure it doesn’t block the doors of your room. People like used tables over brand-new ones for a number of very excellent reasons.

Check The Weight

Feel the weight of the table. Better tables typically weigh more, and some even include additional weights. To increase stability during gameplay and make it more difficult for opponents to move the unit while playing. Keep in mind that there is a greater danger of damage the more prone the game is to move during play.

Compare Quality

Next, check the table for dents and chips, particularly near the objectives. If there is a substantial amount of chipping on the item, it is likely made of subpar materials. Verify that the men on the rods are securely fastened to the metal rods and are not loose. Rotate the rods as you inspect the men to look for any bending caused by overly enthusiastic players.

Replace them if the players are loose, or the rods are bent, but just factor the expense of the table replacement into your budget. If the rods and players aren’t flawless, it won’t be a deal breaker because they are inexpensive to repair. Keep an eye out for chipped corners near the goals. This is particularly crucial for less expensive foosball tables because they frequently employ brittle, thin materials that are prone to chipping off.

Goalie Positioning

When comparing foosball tables, you would note that some have a single goalie on each side, while others have three players on each side. In contrast to tables in the United Kingdom, most American tables are set up with three players and one goaltender. Children and beginners at foosball should use three-man sets. However, if honing your foosball abilities is more important to you, the one-man goalie option will be ideal for you.

Reasonable Prices

People who want to buy a secondhand foosball table frequently discover one for a significant discount from the list price. You might be able to negotiate a lower price for a high-quality table that is in outstanding shape if you’re an astute buyer and negotiator. On occasion, you can contact a distributor and inquire whether they are selling any used foosball tables. These tables can be refurbished to make them appear and function like they were just made.

Playfield Condition

You must also look for cracks or warping caused by water damage in the playfield. Check the field with your hand for bubbling. By pausing the ball and waiting for it to roll naturally as you play the table, you can determine whether the field or table is level. You don’t want the table if it isn’t level and doesn’t have leg levelers. Instead of stick-on graphics, the foosball table’s surface should have laminate graphics.

This is so that gameplay won’t be hampered by peeled stickers. As you play, make sure the table top is smooth and hard because this will enable your ball to go more quickly. The tops of many European tables are made of solid wood, which slows the ball’s movement.

Check Rods and Handles

Now pay attention to the unit’s outside. Take a close look at the rod handles and observe the substance that they are composed of. In terms of the “best” material for handles, this might be a debatable matter. Others remark that wood handles inevitably shatter over time, while others claim that wood is superior since it absorbs palm sweat. Both claims are true, but it just comes down to what you feel most at ease playing on.

For increased grip, there are plastic handles with a rubber coating. If you find any flaws or signs of wear and tear, you should think about walking away or negotiating for a sizable reduction. However, if you discover a secondhand table in decent shape, it can be worthwhile. If not, we advise purchasing a new table from a manufacturer, dealer, or Amazon and looking for free shipping.


This guide explains everything about buying a used foosball table and what you must look for before making a decision. You can consider all of these factors before buying a table so that you can stay on the safe side and don’t waste your money on a useless option.


How can a foosball table’s quality be checked?

A foosball table should be well-weighted for maximum stability. If the table is too light, aggressive play can easily move the pieces about. A stationary table that weighs at least 200 pounds and is best for aggressive play may be desired by competitive adults.

Do foosball tables have value?

The family game area would benefit greatly from the inclusion of any old foosball table. If you’re limited on room or money, a tabletop foosball table is a terrific choice, even if you’re not sure your kids would use it.

How should your foosball table be moved?

Two methods exist for moving your foosball table from one location to another. Either pick up the entire table and relocate it, or open it down into smaller pieces, transport the components to the appropriate position, and then reassemble the table.