Kids Magnetic Dartboards - What Are The Best Options?

Uhh darts! The classic pub game for bonding and socialising! It is a very fun game that can be played by people of all ages without any restrictions. This sport does not require much physical effort, but you have to be very concentrated, precise, and strong in psychological terms. Like many other sport it requires lots of practice to perfect the skills. This sport is not easy at all, although it seems so at first glance. It takes a lot of training to bring your accuracy to the desired level.

Darts can be a lot of fun for kids too. In this article, we talk about why it’s good fun for kids and in what age is better for them to start playing dart game. Once you bought a dartboard, how and where should you hang them? We also hand picked three best magnetic dartboards for kids.

Why dart for kids?

In the age we live in today, children spend a lot of time on computers and mobile phones … A much better option is to do some sports and darts could be one of the options.

Darts can be a great hobby for children whether they play the game with their friends or parents. This is a really great activity for children because in darts there is less to no danger of serious injuries as in some other sports (under adults supervision of course). Darts does not require much physical strength and is great for developing many characteristics in children. For example, it can have a positive effect on the coordination of their eyes and hand movements. This sport is also good for relieving stress, developing social skills, increasing concentration, self-confidence, self-control, teamwork… In this sport, one can learn to think because tactics are important and not just mechanical throwing arrows.

What age is suitable for kids to play dart game

We mentioned that darts is a great game for people of all ages. In this way, children can play this game without any problems. There are no restrictions on how old you can start playing darts, but we still need to make some recommendations.

Very young children can be very mischievous and their motor skills and coordination are not sufficiently developed for play in which these qualities are needed. This game also requires concentration, and children who are under three or four years old tend to draw attention to something else, so it might not be suitable. The best time to introduce them to darts is school age.

This means that children from the age of six could play this sport in a safer and strategic way, and some of the mentioned characteristics are much more developed at that age. Younger kiddos could be injured by arrows, or swallow smaller objects if left unsupervised, whether they are using soft pins or merely magnetic arrows. It is especially dangerous if the pin comes in the mouth or in the eyes. That is why parents play a crucial role when their kids play darts. And for a start, they should play magnetic darts, so as they grow up, they can switch to soft tips or steel darts. Mostly after the age of ten, children could already play steel darts. If darts is interesting for your very young children who are less than three years old, then you can give them darts that are adapted to their age.

Tips for hanging kids dartboard - where and how

  • Darts should be placed in a safe place. Since these are children, the arrows can wander in different places, so it is important to place the darts on a clean surface in the vicinity of which there are not many objects that could distract them (or damaged by them).
  • Do not place darts in a place where many people walk pass often so that children do not hit someone with an arrow.
  • Never hang a dartboard on the back of the door because a person who enters that door could experience a very uncomfortable situation.
  • As with adults and children playing darts, the dartboard should be set up appropriately in accordance with kids’ physical size. The height of the children should be measured and the darts should be placed at the appropriate height.
  • The appropriate height will be determined by measuring the children from the floor to the center of their nose.
  • The dartboard could also be set to ¾ from the standard height. Therefore throwing distance will be 51” while throwing height will be 70”.


Best Kids Magnetic Dart Boards All Under $40

Doinkit Darts Kid-Safe Indoor Magnetic Dart Board - Editor’s Pick

This darts probably will probably interest both older children and adults, but parents do not have to worry because it can be given to small children too (older than 6 will likely to find this intriguing) to have darts fun without any problems. Your youngsters will enjoy playing on this dartboard with you together. The dartboard is in various colors and is a mimic of an actual dart board, so it could be a good stimulus and interesting for kids. The arrows are not like darts for adults because they work on the principle of a magnet, so there is no danger of damaging the walls, objects and furniture in the area. All other features such as size (16 inches), style and target are much the same as on standard darts for adults. Children will surely enjoy playing on this dartboard and have hours of fun. As mentioned before, repetitive practice of darts could help improve their coordination, after which they will be able to switch to soft or steel darts when they get older.

One thing I think they could improve is to include more arrows and in more color options. This dart game only comes with 6 darts in two different colors. Obviously you could go for a refill bundle or just the darts refill, but they are the same colors as the ones that are included in the package. Nevertheless, the arrow shaft itself is made of strong mesh tail and the dart head is well-made base with quite powerful magnet.


STREET WALK Kids Board Magnetic Dart Game

This is another dart where there is very little chance that children could damage the walls or injure themselves since it is also a magnetic dart game. You get 12 arrows in four colors, three of each. This dart board itself is smaller than the previous one, this is only 13 inches, but it comes as a two-sided dart game. This game can be great fun for children of different ages (5 years older recommended) or with their parents. Since there are 12 arrows in four different colors several players can have fun at the same time. This dart game is intended for children over three years old, but realistically the design of the arrows and the board look more attracting to older ages kids. The arrows have strong magnets, so it there is no problem the arrows staying on the board.

However, it is basically miniature of a real steel dart and a bit skinny, therefore the tips don’t seem to last. In addition, if you throw two darts on the board too close to each other (which happens all the time with steel or soft tips), they might land on the board horizontally. I personally find the red-green traditional side a bit much. I mean, why the cracks?


CUKU Magnetic Dart Board - 12pcs Magnetic Darts

Same as STREET WALK, children of almost all ages can play on this dartboard. All children over the age of three can enjoy playing this game without any problems. Children get 12 arrows in three colors that have very stable magnets. In addition to the classic darts on the other side of the dartboard, there is an archery board, so children can be exposed to both types of games - same two-sided target design as the previous one. They can have this game set up and play both indoors and outdoors.

This game can be equally interesting for older children because it gives the feeling of playing classic darts. There is no danger of damage to furniture and walls. There’s one flaw in the design that seems to raise some concerns - the disc itself warps up (peels off) after some time of play. To me I think the design of the target surface looks better than the previous one. My suggestion is that if you would like to set the game up for outdoor activity, only do so in dry environment and under the roof, perhaps on a verandah, or when it’s sunny.

Final thoughts

Darts is great fun for people of all ages, including children. There are different types of dartboards that can be adjusted according to the age of the children. For the youngest children, variants of darts can be used, which are mostly magnetic, more like toys and not like classic darts.

As children get older, they can start with classic darts in which soft or steel pins are used. Any of the mentioned variants will be a great party for children who can spend their time playing a traditional and educational game. Darts is a great game for training coordination in both adults and children. It will encourage you to think strategically while playing, and precision will come as time goes on and as you practice more frequently. Parents will be able to have equally good fun playing with their children on darts.