Best Commercial Foosball Tables You Should Consider 2021-2022

Best Commercial Foosball Tables 2021-2022

Looking for a commercial foosball table for your business? You’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we handpicked 6 prestigious tables on the market that owners all brag about. A foosball table is somewhat a big investment in entertainment considering its size, the price and its magical power to bond people together. No body wants a white elephant sitting in the room. Hence a little bit of research is always encouraged.

But! We’ve done the hard work for you. Check out our reviews on the best commercial foosball tables you should consider if you are serious about this investment.

ImageModelOur RatingsCheck on

Shelti Pro Foos III Coin Op Commercial Foosball Table
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)Amazon
Tornado T-3000 Coin-Op Foosball Table5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)Amazon
Great American Action Coin Op Soccer Game4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)Amazon
Game Room Guys Coin Op Foosball Table4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)Amazon
Garlando XXL Foosball Table For 8 Players4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)Amazon
Garlando World Champion Coin Op Indoor Soccer Game Table4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)Amazon

1. Shelti Pro Foos III Foosball Table

You might not learn much about this brand, but the Shelti Pro Foos III foosball table is quite a popular coin operated model installed in bars, arcades, competition venues and other commercial facilities. This commercial foosball table features heavy-duty materials and high performance for commercial play. The whole table’s dimensions are: Length: 55 1/4″ Width: 30″ Height: 36″ Apron: 17 1/2″ and with its solid construction, it weighs 375 lbs.


The butcher box style cabinet was constructed with premium 1.5” thick MDF and finished with timeless sovereign cherry laminate wood appearance. The hinge design enables you to unlock the cabinet to access the chute shall the ball stuck in the return. After that you just secure the lock again (gently please) and it goes back to a reinforced and precise structure and ready for more games.

The three-man goalies and counterbalanced men mounted on hollow steel rods with octagonal hardwood handles are just what you would look for on an excellent quality commercial foosball table. The table has side ball return and it also features Stay-In-Play trim, which allows constant ball movement. It even comes with rattle boards behind the goals, just imagine the exciting sound it makes whenever you strike a goal!

The coin-release 9-ball dispenser can actually hold up to 3 balls.

The coin operation is a push-chute mechanism set at 25¢, 50¢, 75¢, or $1 per game.


  • Heavy-duty construction for commercial usage.
  • No dead spots or still ball.
  • Locking cash box (key different from cabinet)



  • Expensive (of course)


2.Tornado T-3000 Coin Op Commercial Foosball Table

Oh yes. Speaking of commercial foosball table, this is probably the first one that comes to your mind. Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table is certified by ITSF, which makes it the go-to model if you have a tournament event to hold.


The Tornado T-3000 almost never disappoints any fooser. Instead of wood furniture finish, this table is constructed with 1.5” stainless steel laminate and durable protection, absolutely dent free and chip-proof. With its ¾” playfield, this table was born to sustain the most abusive foosball games. Hence this brand and this table have held its place in the industry for a very long time.

The table comes with three-men goalies. Those patented Tornado men with sharp corners give you a better ball control.

In addition, its thin-wall split competition bearings just make shot-blocking easier. And the color-keyed, interchangeable handle system which is exclusive to Tornado provides a high grip feature.

The Tornado T-3000 uses a push chute coin mechanism and is capable of holding up to 15 foosball balls at any one time. (Wow)


  • Solid commercial build.
  • Long lasting.
  • Tournament foosball table standards


  • Once again, if I must say, it’s quite expensive. (It is worth every penny you pay for though)
  • Apart from that, no disadvantages from my point of view.

3. Great American Action Soccer/Foosball Game

Another reliable foosball table brand in the industry would be the Great American from Game Room guys. This table comes with three-men goalie however it is interchangeable to one-men goalie operation. With its solid 1″ MDF core and high performance counterbalanced polypropylene men, you can expect some greatest games with your mates.

Plus medium sized ergonomic handles mounted on solid chrome steel rods, bring on the most fierce action and sweatiest hands. Its anti-cheat jam proof ball return system just ticks another box for the best commercial foosball table. Great American Action Foosball Table has a vertical 5 removable coin system, which makes it easy to adjust on location, and conveniently can be converted to most foreign currencies.

Last but not least, you can customize the color and graphics! This table’s bold design and sturdy construction are set to bring lots of fun to your arcade establishment!


  • Solid construction.
  • The coin system can be converted to foreign currencies.


  • While majority of the commercial foosball tables have 1.5” thick cabinet, this table’s 1” MDF might be the biggest disadvantage.

4. Garlando World Champion Coin Op Indoor Soccer Game Table

This is (secretly) on my top 3 list. The Garlando World Champion foosball table has some premium features that you certainly won’t find on other commercial foosball tales.

After all, you wouldn’t expect anything less from the official foosball table of the Garlando World Foosball Championship, now would you?

First off, the high-quality cabinet is constructed using layers of plastic-laminated plywood and MDF for extreme sturdiness.

The table comes complete with an ITSF logo and an official competition plate bearing the series number.

To ensure a fast, high-speed game with smooth play, nylon bushings and steel ball bearings have been used on the table.

There are two adjustable supports placed inside the cabinet, and these allow the table to obtain a perfectly level playfield.

The coin operation mechanism is a 4-quarter push chute that’s ISTSF-approved and is set to 50p per play. The table’s dimensions are 60 x 40 x 25 inches; 180 Pounds.

The high stress-resistant, cold drawn steel rods glide smoothly, and for durability, these have been fitted with bumpers instead of springs.

The playfield is designed to unlock from the upper cabinet, and this makes it easy to clean the internal parts of the table.

Additionally, there are built-in cup holders and anti-theft ashtrays, which are a handy feature should you wish to have this table in a pub.

Bottom line, the Garlando World Champion is an extremely high-quality table that’s sure to take your establishment to the next level.


  • Extremely durable.
  • The playing surface is detachable.
  • Gives utmost value for money.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Often run out of stock due to its popularity

5. Game Room Guys Custom Coin Op Foosball Table

If you are looking for a commercial foosball table for an education facility, a bar or arcade with your own business logo or slogan, behold! Game Room Guys Custom Coin Operated Foosball Table is your match! You can create your own customized coin-op foosball table on entire four sides!

What if you don’t know how to do graphic design? No worries at all, these guys will help you make an awesome design. One thing about this coin-op foosball table in particular is that it comes with speakers, sound effects, LED lighting, and electronic scoring. Hence it is highly recommended for business break rooms (only when fun and cheering are allowed in your workplace though), school rec rooms, bar/restaurant, or home game rooms, literally anywhere foosball can be enjoyed!

The dimensions of this custom foosball table is

  • Length: 55
  • Width: 30
  • Height: 36
  • Weight (lbs.): 300

It is a one-goalie design. When you place your order, they will contact you to discuss design and requirements. Free delivery and 180 days warranty from the manufacturer is included.


  • Customizable
  • Highly optimized for commercial usage.
  • Comes with a built in cover on the top of the table, playfield surface damage is minimized.


  • It is very expensive due to the nature of quality customization.

6. Garlando XXL Foosball Table for 8 Players


Ok, so you what if you have more than two buddies who want to enjoy the fun of a commercial foosball table? All at the same time?!

Ah-ha, you have a question, we deliver an answer.

When it comes to the versatility of a foosball table, Garlando does not disappoint. Check out this Garlando XXL Foosball Table for 8 Players. As the name suggests, maximum you have allow up to 8 participants competing all at once. This table is not just designed for adults, but also the little ones. So if you have plenty space in your home game room and you’re very much of a person who loves to share the fun, you might want to consider this table.

That being said, this table is also a brilliant model for schools where kids can learn teamwork and hand-eye coordination. Not to mention arcades and bars, etc, where more people engagement means more business for you.

This table’s dimensions are 104 x 34.5 x 44 inches; 342.74 Pounds. 10 standard foosball balls are included in the order. Never worry about dropping the ball!

The table is built with solid MDF for the cabinet, with plastic play men and telescopic-safety steel rods. On top of that, the weatherproof marine plywood and waterproof glue just made the mega fun possible in outdoor area!


  • Ability to accommodate more players
  • Weatherproof
  • Eye-catching design


  • Surely will take up lots of space

Final Thoughts

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of coin operated foosball tables out there, and to be honest, some of them have really modern designs and impressive appearance. However, they’re either fairly new companies whose quality aren’t mature yet (doesn’t mean they make bad tables), or their prices don’t make sense.

Thanks for reading our reviews on some of the most recommended commercial tables. Hope this article helps you with your decision on which foosball table to buy!