Foosball Table Dimensions - Things You Want To Know

What Are Common Foosball Tables’ Dimensions?

In general, there are at least 5 different popular sizes of foosball tables (including folding tables) on the market in terms of dimensions. Below are the most common foosball table dimensions, but they’re not definite.

  • Full Size Standard Foosball Table       L 60” x W 30”x H 36”
  • Full Size Regulation Foosball Table     L 56”x W 30”x H 36”
  • Smaller Than Regulation Table    L 48”x W 24”x H 32”
  • Table Top size Foosball Table      L 38” x W 20” x H 9”

You will also find several sizes foldable foosball tables, the most popular one is 52”, but there are smaller and larger variants as well.

SunnyDaze 48″ Folding Foosball Table
  • Foldable Foosball Table (When in use)   L 51.57” x H 33.86” x W 27.95”
  • Foldable Foosball Table (when put away) L 12.99” x W 27.95” x H 66.93”

Standars Foosball Tables

A standard foosball table is a professional one built in accordance with regulations, which is mostly utilized in tournaments, or owned by professional foosball players at home for training purpose.

Regulation Foosball Tables

While a regulation size table and anything smaller than that is designed to cater to different target markets in terms of functionality, such as pubs, restaurants or home game rooms. Tabletop foosball tables and foldable foosball tables are basically built for children’s exposure and experiences for table soccer game, and for space saving purposes respectively.

There might be other sizes of tables you could find that’s not quite a lot of difference size-wise, maybe plus minus 1” to 2”.

You can check here for metric system conversion for table dimensions. 

What Are The Most Popular Sizes Then?

According to our experiences, the most loved sizes by customers are from the regulation size tables family: 56” and 48”. (plus minus 1 inch)

This is because majority of people who are looking into an investment like a quality foosball table, are in pursuit of one that can be enjoyed by adults or older children/ teenagers. Seasoned players would probably go for a professional size table such as Tornado especially when they are taking on this sport seriously as a career choice. But yeah, most people go for a 48”, such as KICK Conquest 48″, or a 55″ to 56”, such as T&R Sports 55″ Soccer Table (‎L55 x W30.7 x H34.6). You’ll find that for the same size in length, the with and height vary depending on different companies’ make. 

It is worth noticed that many buyers would pick a tabletop size, such as Giantex Tabletop 27″ Foosball Table or a foldable table like KICK Monarch 48″ Foosball Table for the sake of space saving or purely for kids’ entertainment purpose more than anything. That being said, it doesn’t mean foldable foosball tables are all lame and unsuitable for a proper gameplay. Have a look at KICK Majesty 55″ Folding Foosball Table, this is a nice regulation size folding soccer table.


So How Much Room Do I Need For a Foosball Table?

This is a very frequently asked question. A quick answer is : at least 10 feet by 8 feet.


To comfortably play table soccer, people need at least 3.5 to 4 feet on each side of the table. Regardless of how your stance is, the more space the better. Hence when you take measurement of your game room or whatever area you’re placing your table, leave 10 feet in width by 8 feet in depth so you have plenty room for the table and the players. If you intend to host foosball games with your friends at your place, remember to factor in the space for audiences as well.

And make sure you measure up your room before you even decide which foosball table to buy. You’ll be thanking yourself for not having to return the table after you set it all up and realize there’s not enough space to enjoy the gameplay. Once you have your table in the room and get used to the movement flow around the table, you’ll be able to re-adjust the surroundings at your free will without compromising the quality of the play area.


Other Things You Need To Take Into Consideration

  • Surroundings

Put your table away from vulnerable items such as vases, glass ornaments, display windows, things that are subject to breakage. (duh)

  • Atmosphere

You’ll need air, lots of it when you’re in the game. So make sure the area is well ventilated or equipped with air-con. (Common sense)

  • Young Kids/Pets

These amazing living creatures are somewhat unpredictable.

During gameplay, the rods jut around very frequently and for younger kids, this could be dangerous. If you’re buying a table for kids, you might want to consider a table with telescopic rods, such as Garlando G-500 Indoor Soccer Table, which don’t stick out when you move the rods.

Look at these two photos. See the difference?

Foosball Table With Telescopic Rods
Foosball table with regular rods.







The rule for space remains the same, but this type of design gives you peace of mind.

(You still need to be responsible)

Pets normally aren’t a problem or a hazard; the only thing you need to be aware of would be maintenance, perhaps put a cover over your table to avoid hair accumulating on play surface when table’s not in use.

  • Ball Returns

With ball returns on the side, you can push your table tiny bit closer to the wall since you don’t need to reach over to the end for retrieval. Whereas with ball return on the ends, we recommend you have that 8 feet by 10 feet room ready.

Have a look at these two tables. With this particular KICK Table, you’ll be standing at near where that ball return is. Suppose the wall is on your left, you can push the table closer to that wall without smacking your head into the wall while retrieve the foosball ball, hence saving many a few inches. With Rally And Roar table, you’ll need that space at both ends. 

KICK Triumph 55″. Ball return on the side
Rally And Roar 56″. Ball return at the end



Foosball table sizes vary. And depends on who you are buying this table for, as well as what type of gameplay you’re expecting, causal or competitive, the ideal table size that suits your need might be different than you thought. Check out our ultimate foosball table buying guide if you need more information before decision making. Figure out how much space you need and how much space you actually have once you found an item you like. Do know the dimensions of it. Does it fit? If not, are you able to move around your furniture to accommodate your awesome table? If still not, move on and look for another table.

 I hope this article helped you with things you want to know about foosball table dimensions and answered relevant questions. Comment below if you have any questions, and you’re welcome to share some funny stories about how you messed up with the dimensions. I can’t wait to hear them.