Ultimate Foosball Table Cover Buying Guide And Reviews 2021

Foosball Table Cover Buying Guide And Reviews

In this ultimate foosball table cover buying guide, we provide details on how to choose a foosball table cover, as well as the top 4 foosball table covers review.

Shelti Pro Foosball Table Cover4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)
Covermates Foosball Table Cover4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Cheng Yi Foosball Table Cover4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Neverland Foosball Table Cover4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Hathaway Foosball 56'' Table Cover4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Game Room Guys Universal Foosball Table Cover3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

How to choose a foosball table cover

Looking to buy a table cover for your new foosball table? Or maybe you need to replace the worn-out cover? Foosball tables normally aren’t cheap investments; therefore a bit extra care would be required for tables’ utmost lifespan and performance. There aren’t too many good options on the market to be honest; in this article I reviewed top 4 foosball table covers that you can easily purchase on Amazon. If you would like to have a table cover that’s specifically designed for the brand or size of your foosball table, going to the seller is probably the best idea, because those table covers are not always available on main online merchants. When the responsibility of choosing a foosball table cover falls on you as a table owner, there are 4 things to take into consideration:

  • Dimensions/Size
  • Materials
  • Functionality
  • The make/design
  • (Yeah ok, the budget as well)



First thing first, foosball tables come in many different sizes. Make sure you have a look at the user manual (if you still have it) or take the measurement yourself to establish the base line. If you couldn’t get the correct dimensions of your table, are you even a good owner?! Nah just kidding. The rule of thumb is always go for a larger one, or one that’s flexible.

And because most foosball table covers leave the legs uncovered, if you buy a slightly larger one it could just do you a convenience for the sake of extra fabric covering both the rods and the legs.

Or if you stress more on aesthetics, then go for one that fits better for your foosball table and not oversized.



After some researching, there are three main materials used for foosball table covers: vinyl, composite cotton/polyester, and plastic. I will not provide any reviews on plastic covers in this article simply because they don’t really make the cut for the value of your money, meh.

  • Vinyl

Foosball table covers made from vinyl are water resistant, sturdier, heavier and thicker. This is the most recommended type of cover that provides the best protection. Apparently the major drawback of it is the price, they tend to be a bit expensive.

  • Composite cotton/polyester

The best feature of this material is that it breathes, and is a good option for both indoor and outdoor foosball tables. They are normally stretchy and will hold well under most weather conditions. But typically they don’t last longer than vinyl. Also, because it’s thinner than vinyl, it might not provide enough protection against pet animals if they jump around on your table. (nooooooo)



Are you purchasing a cover for your indoor foosball table or outdoor table? This is important because you’ll need to consider whether or not the materials can sustain the environment (and also do its job). Always go for a water resistant cover with sun protection feature even if your table is under covered patio. Whereas for an indoor table, waterproof might not be your main concern. Instead, you might want to consider a light-weight table cover.


The Make and Design

Some covers are manufactured to cover the tabletop, rods and legs, all the way down and drape the whole table. This type of covers is versatile for it is ideal in outdoor environment and it provides extra protection for an indoor foosball table as well. That being said, majority of the covers on the market have a skirt length just enough to cover the rods and tabletop.

Other table covers are designed with slots for the rods to go over and leave them exposed, along with part of the tabletop and all legs. This specific make of foosball table covers is only for indoor use. For those who put emphasis on aesthetics and professional look, or if you play foosball frequently, and you don’t have anything to worry about other than dusts, then this type of covers might suit your need better.

In this article we only review full coverage table covers.



The price of a foosball table cover varies from cover to cover, and it depends on the materials as well. Let’s say typically it should be between 20 to 80 dollars. And bare in mind that price doesn’t always convert to the value. For a better value of your money I recommend that you aim for mid-range ($30-60) or, if you would like to, tiny bit higher range ($60-80) table cover. Cheap ones are almost guaranteed to be a disappointment and a waste, most plastic covers fall into this category.


Top 4 Best Foosball Table Covers


Shelti Foosball Table Cover

This vinyl foosball table cover made by Shelti is our top pick. Its matte-finish and soft inner material provide both aesthetic appearance and premium protection for your foosball table. This table cover is a 51” by 57”, slip-on design, and it fits most foosball tables covering all the way down at least a third of the legs with 17” skirting.

Simple though it is, this aesthetically pleasing foosball table cover does more than what meets the eye. It will protect your game table from bad weather, fluid spillage, sunlight, dusts and animal hairs. Just throw this cover over your foosball table and you’ll see how easily it compliments your home décor and at the same time provides excellent protection for your table.

One thing I believe they can improve on is perhaps having straps for a better security (in case of gusts when outdoor) and custom fit. Another biggest drawback for this item is the price; however, this one does prove to be worth the buck and will last for years before you need to replace it.


Covermates Foosball Table Cover

The official image just doesn’t look right to me

Our second pick is this 12-gauge-commercial-vinyl-made table cover manufactured by Covermates, who is a professional cover maker. With its durable material, this table cover was designed for outdoor environment. This table cover has dimensions of 56” x 52” with 15” skirting; it won’t cover the legs, but it will provide full protection for the tabletop and rods from dusts, animal hairs, sun damage, etc.


This image shared by an Amazon customer makes better sense, right? Click on the image to see the review.

It also comes with straps and buckles for more security- you can strap them around the legs thus delivering better fit. However I don’t think the straps themselves are quite up to par, sometimes they seem to break easily, so check before you leave it and your table outside overnight. I would not recommend you leave your table in the middle of heavy rain with the cover on though, the cover is spill-proof but no guarantee that it’ll keep large amount of water at bay.

And make sure you have your table under some kind of roof or patio to maximize the lifespan of your foosball table and table cover. Overall this is a great foosball table cover as long as you treat it (and your table) accordingly.


Cheng Yi Foosball Table Cover

Another good choice for the value of your money would be this cover by Cheng Yi. This foosball table’s dimensions are 64.17″ x 45.28″ x 19.69″, which provides more than enough coverage for most standard size foosball tables. Made with high quality 210D polyester fabric, it is light-weighted and easy to install and remove.

It will also keep your foosball table away from the harms of sunlight and spills. This foos table cover comes with elastic hem cord with a toggle that allows adjustment for a tight and custom fit. Although the manufacturer and claim that this table cover is waterproof (and capable of sustain all types of weather), the nature of the fabric itself certainly can’t prevent large amount of water from seeping in.

It is, however, very competent when used indoors. Dusts and animal hairs won’t get through easily. Hence still a good buy if you just want a cover that does its job without blowing up your budget.


Neverland Foosball Table Cover

Next we’ll look at Neverland foosball table cover. Neverland is another company specializing in all sorts of covers. This cover has dimensions of 63” x 45” x 19” and was made of high quality Oxford marine grade polyester. Dusts, debris, sun damage will be kept at bay and hairs won’t get through it.

The size of this table cover is enough for a full size foosball table, and it also comes with a duffle bag for the product itself. It is a pretty straightforward slip on and slip off design, with elastics on the corners and draw strings that provide good stretch fit. The long skirting covers the rods and gives foosball table legs some certain degree of protection, too.

Once again it is allegedly 100% waterproof, but bear in mind that it does not hold up any sort of fluid for long. 100% spillage-proof is more to the truth, make sure you remove excessive amount of water asap if there’s any. This table cover is designed for both outdoor and indoors use, with a price less than $20 it is a good option provided all basic protections are delivered.



Thanks for reading this article. Good quality foosball tables normally aren’t cheap, they deserve being taken care of for a longer lifespan and ultimate performance. How to choose a suitable foosball table cover doesn’t have to be as complicated as choosing the right foosball table itself. Hope this foosball table cover review helps you on making your decision.