KICK Titan 55” Foosball Table Review

Looking for information about KICK Titan Foosball Table? Or maybe you are looking for a new foosball table that’s at the same time stunning and sustainable? In this article, we cover this table’s construction, aesthetic, what we like and other details.

KICK Titan Foosball Table Overview

The KICK Titan Foosball Table is the sturdiest and the most expensive item among their selections. This tournament style table is built with heavy-duty materials and designed to sustain the most robust games.

Gameplay and Constructions

This table has dimensions of 55″ L X 30″ W X 36″ H. It comes with a one-side ball return system which can be accessed by lifting up the hinged table top. The square, almost athletic legs and the levelers with rubber bottoms will make a nice straight play surface. KICK Titan also gives you two sets of players to choose from depending on user’s preference, as well as 1 and 3 goalie system to pick whichever suits you. The solid steel rods with screw fixed, textured ergonomic wooden handles will definitely impress you with how good the movements and the grip are. They fit right in your hands and it is effortless to make precise and swift moves.

The main features of the KICK Titan Foosball Table

  • Table Dimensions: 55″ L X 30″ W X 36″ H
  • Playing Field Dimension: 46″ L X 27″ W
  • Packaging Dimension: 59″ L x 40″ W x 22″ H
  • Enclosed ball return system which can be accessed by lifting up the table top
  • One-sided ball return area
  • A set of 26 counterbalanced men AND 26 uniformed men (yep you heard it right)
  • 1 and 3 goalie systems
  • 1-Goalie Kit Including Corner Ramps and Rod Stoppers
  • 5’’ leg levelers with rubber bottoms to enhance floor gripping and stability,
  • 1/2″ thick playing field
  • 5/8” Stainless steel chrome plated rods
  • Ergonomic non-slip wooden handles with screws
  • Slide Scoring Mounted On Each End
  • Table weight: 190 lbs

What we like

What makes KICK Titan really stand out is the table weight - solid 190 lbs, which ensures the premium bearing and sturdiness for passionate players, and it is also the main selling point of this model. — and that’s what we really like about this table. It is a very generous foosball table, ideal for passionate foosball players to hone their skills, more than sufficient for friends and family members to have fun.

Along with all the splendid features you can find in KICK’s other famous makes, still, this table only cost you less than 1000. It is one of the most affordable tournament quality tables on the market and KICK never lowers the bar for construction choice.



The KICK Titan Foosball Table comes in three different colors: brown (wooden appearance), black and grey, all appealing and easy to fit in any home décor. The classic butcher-box cabinet and square legs with levelers give it a sophisticated and professional look. It doesn’t really have too much detailed decoration or fancy features. Overall KICK Titan is a very down-to-earth foosball table, with the materials that would satisfy all the need, and a classic and modern appearance that caters to the mass. Indeed this table is designed for foosers in every level, from beginner to serious players.


What else is included in this table?

Apart from things mentioned before, you will also get:

  • Free Rod Lubricant (Upon Request and Shipped Separately, Contact KICK with your shipping address)
  • 2 KICK Premier and 2 Soccer Foosballs
  • Assembly instruction and support so you can easily install your new foosball table and start having fun in no time
  • Free & fast shipping
  • Same day delivery available
  • Lifetime warranty

Best Suited For

  • Your home game room. Especially when you are a senior player, and you have sufficient room for such a great table. It is a nice addition to the game room or living area. It looks modern, beautiful and is perfect for when you have friends over.
  • Small businesses or offices. The design of the table is very much heavy duty, but not enough to play in a sports bar or in other public locations where high customer traffic might cause wear and tear sooner than you want. It is, nevertheless, very suitable for smaller public area where people are mostly “civil”, and they will treat the table the way it deserves.

Not So Great For

  • Other public or business areas. The make and design of the table is fantastic, and you’ll want to show it off, ( trust me ) but keep it in your home. It is able to withstand a heavy bar crowd, but unless you can write the tax off if (shhhh…), not a great idea. The surface isn’t scratched that easily but it will surely stain if drinks are spilled on top.
  • Limited space. This is a proper tournament size foosball table. You’ll want plenty room to move around the two sides of the table to enable utmost performance. A general guide for space estimate is 2 x Table Length plus the Table Width. That’s roughly what you want when you have two players in a match. Check out our Small Foosball Tables Review and Best Folding Foosball Tables if KICK Titan is too big for you.

Verdict. Will I buy this table?

Short answer is yes. If I would like to own a cool foosball table and I have 1000 dollars budget (I will save coffee money for this!! Wait, no… maybe save on something else), I surely want the best value for the money.

KICK is well known for their product quality and premium customer service. The KICK Titan Foosball Table is one of the best options on the market that caters to pretty much any sort of space - home, office, bar, restaurant; anybody - just hanging out with friends or seasoned players gathering for skills practice. At the same time - a good bang for your bucks. And with KICK, you always get a lifetime warranty.