Comparing The Top Tornado Foosball Tables

Regardless if you are an amateur player of foosball or someone who regularly attends tournaments, picking the right foosball table can be a bit daunting. They’re big, heavy, and expensive – and you want to get it right the first time.

The Tornado brand has been the heralded company to manufacture most of the foosball tables that you see today. The brand has been providing prize tables since it was founded in 1973. As one of the first brands to invest in viable, commercially available foosball tables, Tornado is considered the pioneer of the sport mainly due to their table’s durability and ability to play rambunctious sessions without disintegrating over the years. It’s very typical to find fully functional foosball tables by Tornado that has lasted over the decades.

Top Tornado Foosball Tables

With this guide, you’ll be able to know everything about the latest Tornado foosball tables that the brand has to offer, that way you’ll be able to make an educated choice for the best Tornado foosball table for your home game room.

1. Tornado Sport Foosball Table

The Tornado Sport foosball table is one of the best professional level foosball tables around, and we think it’s the best value for the money out of the tables profiled here. It represents the meat and potatoes of the sport – it’s not flashy, but it’s made with high-quality materials in mind. The legs are height adjustable with boot levelers, with the SureGrip black handles securing the table in place. It has been the go-to foosball table for beginners as well as experienced players. It’s one of those foosball tables that comes with features that you didn’t really expect that you needed, but you glad it comes with the table – including boots and shims that can be placed inside of the foosball table to level it on a whim.

Weighing more than 200 pounds, the Tornado Sport foosball table won’t budge in even the most aggressive games. But interestingly enough, the hollow steel rods are lighter, creating faster and more responsive gameplay. For those who have grown up with foosball tables, they’ll know that the older rods were made from heavier metals that were a bit cumbersome. They’ll appreciate the lighter materials used in the rods.

Not only does the Tornado Sport Foosball Table offers durability and quality parts, but it also adds to the aesthetic of the room. The green surface, yellow and black players, and mahogany melamine finish give the Tornado Sport a traditional, yet sophisticated appearance that can fit in any basement, dungeon, or living room. The lead levelers in itself also look more professional. Overall the Tornado Sport foosball table is sturdy, attractive, and is an excellent fit for any game room.

The Tornado Sport Foosball Table is suited for teenagers, adults, beginner players, and even seasoned players. The table is substantial enough for the most aggressive session, but not so advanced to intimidate beginners.

2. Tornado Classic Foosball Table

The Tornado Classic Foosball Table is designed to last, like any other foosball table by the brand. This is the Tornado’s classic model, combining a contemporary look with heavy-duty construction. There are a series of leather laminate to match almost any environment. It’s not only aesthetically charming, but the Tornado Classic Foosball Table provide professional quality that you’d expect from the brand.

Tornado Classic Foosball Table

The cabinet is as thick as any foosball table, providing stability and sturdiness for years to come. Overall, all of the parts on the Tornado Classic Foosball Table is made with high-quality components, with the design of the rods, the playing surface, and the legs of the table being made for longevity.

This foosball table has counterbalanced players, with many intermediate players valuing this tremendously. This allows them to make more shots since the attached figurines stay upright and horizontal. Not only that, but it adds a bit of heft to the rods, allowing for improved stability.

The Tornado Classic Foosball Table is a sturdy table, weighing in at 225 pounds. It’s solid as a rock, and won’t budge. The hollow steel rods are light and smooth and are built to last and provide faster gameplay

The black leather laminate, light wood handles, and the yellow players provide a nice contrast. But when together, they create a foosball table that is modern, yet familiar for people who have been playing for decades. Wood finishes and the dark interface goes very well with just about anything inside of a room.

The classic table has about every feature that players are looking for in a high-quality setup. The wooden finishes are easy to grip, and the rods are chrome plated and light in construction. The counterbalance foosball man is also a nice feature that will be appreciated by those looking for a Tornado foosball table.

3. Tornado Elite Foosball Table

The Tornado Elite Foosball Table is a new model that came out in 2010. It is a professional grade foosball table made for home use. The table features dual side ball returns, a combination of heavy-duty and lightweight rods to accommodate novice players and advanced players alike, with the split bearings patented by Tornado for easy servicing. For those who want augmented control of the players, they’ll enjoy the redesigned player foot which enables more precise ball control and the higher crosshatching.

The aesthetics of the table also accounts for Tornado’s dedication to style that will fit in any room in your home. Victorian cherry laminate finish and a very traditional and heavy-duty appearance hallmarks the foosball table. It’s a professional table available for home use, with the features that you expect from a full-fledged foosball table that has been noted to be a crowd favorite. The beautiful table features dual bar returns for professional play quality.

Some of the features of the Tornado Elite Foosball Table include traditional three-person goalie style, adjustable commercial-grade leg levelers, natural wood panels for strength and stability, and a down corner construction that adds more rigidity to the foosball table.

The table is the perfect addition to the game room, basement, or spare room. The aesthetic blends perfectly with most furnishings, with the manufactured wood offering sturdy and long-lasting performance. There’s a player foot that provides more accurate ball control, with a precision ground ball providing solid play. Tornado really outdid themselves with the Elite Foosball Table.

4. Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

For the ultimate in foosball experience, consider the Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table. It is as durable as a foosball table as you will ever get. The cabinet is  1-1/2″ thick and constructed out of stainless steel laminate. The laminate offers several benefits over wood.

Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

The stainless steel laminate offers superior durability. It’s still very rigid and durable, weighing in at over 350 pounds. All of the parts in the Tournament 3000 are made with top shelf quality. Available in platinum, black, and red, the foosball table is designed with thin-wall split competition bearings for better control, a patented Tornado man designed with an increased cross-section, and split ball bearing for reliable functionality over the foosball table’s lifetime.

As a name may suggest, the table is suited for tournament play, but was built for home use. It has all of the features you expect from a Tornado foosball table, including lightweight rods, counterbalance men, and adjustable levelers. Commonly heralded as one of the best foosball tables from the brand, the Tornado Tournaments 3000 is intended for intermediate and professional level players. It’s also designed for individuals who want to take the sports seriously, and this is THE foosball table that will last a lifetime, as long as you take proper care of it.

Keep in mind that this foosball table is a bit different than the others in the lineup. The others were built with some sort of wood panel, and it’s a material that many are familiar with. The steel interface of this model offers superior rigidity and stability, but its design can be a bit daunting for those who do not know how it may fit into a room aesthetic. Even though wood typically is perceived as a bit warmer and welcoming, everything else about the foosball table is exceptional, from the green playing space to the black legs.

About foosball game:

Foosball, or table football, is a tabletop game that is loosely based on one of America’s favorite past time – football. The goal of the game is to move the control knobs to hit the opponent’s gate, which is typically located on the right side. Interestingly enough, a game of foosball has no unified rules, with different rules in different countries and even cities. For tournament players, they’ll know that rules may also differ from one place to the next.

Patents for a table that looks akin to the modern foosball table goes back as early as the 1890s. However, the foosball table that we know of today goes back to 1921, when Harold Thorton patented the game. Today, foosball is often categorized as both a game and a sport, with thousands of dedicated players around the world. For many people who enjoy foosball, the game has evolved into a sport of its own, with fan groups all across the country. Now there are professional foosball players, with a dedicated foosball player association.