Foosball Table Surface & Rods Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

If you have invested in a nice home foosball table, then it only makes sense that you should time out to regularly maintain it so that it continues to give you plenty of fun games. Fortunately, caring for a foosball table is easy and does not take up much of your time. So, regularly taking the time to care for your table will help extend it’s lifespan so you can enjoy plenty of years of game play.

How Often Should Your Clean Your Foosball Table?

This really depends on how often you are playing foosball. If you’re not using it that often, then once a month should be enough to keep it working as intended. But, if you are a more frequent fooser, then once a week is a good cleaning and maintenance schedule for your table.

Keep in mind that if you have an outdoor table that you will likely need to clean it more often. You can reduce the cleaning by using a table cover when no one is playing the game.

Foosball Table Surface Cleaning Tips

Keeping your table playing surface free of dust and debris is the number one thing you do when it comes to regular maintenance for the table. This is as simple as wiping it down with a clean cloth. For corners, you can use a can of compressed air to remove dust buildup. If there are some dirty spots, then you can apply a bit of rubbing alcohol to a clean cloth to remove it.

Foosball is a fast-paced game, which can lead to some accidental spills and mishaps on the table surface. Probably the most common problem is a spilled beer or soda on the table surface.

When a liquid is spilled on the table playing surface, or even on the exterior part of the table, you definitely need to clean it up quickly. You don’t want the playing surface to have sticky spots on it. And if you have a cheap table, you don’t want the surface to warp from getting wet.

How should you clean up spills? First, soak up the liquid with a clean cloth. Then, apply some rubbing alcohol onto another clean cloth to wipe down the surface. The rubbing alcohol will clean and dry quickly without damaging the playing surface.

Foosball Rods Cleaning Tips

You can keep the rods and men clean by regularly wiping down the surface with a clean cloth. For the handles and the men, you can use a small amount of rubbing alcohol to clean them. You can even clean the balls with the rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth.

One of the most important things that you’ll need to do is clean the rods by lubricating them with silicone. It is a cheap and easy process that will great extend the life of your foosball table and improve your games.

Why Use Silicone?

Since your foosball rods need to move smoothing as your turn them, they need to stay well lubricated. And the best way to ensure that is the case is by using silicone on your table’s rods. Not only will it help to improve speed and performance when playing, but it also saves you money by extending the life of the bearings.

Spray Silicone vs Liquid Silicone

As you shop for silicone for your foosball table, you will notice that you can choose from either spray silicone or liquid silicone. While each type works to lubricate the rod, here at Foosball Revolution we prefer the liquid version to the spray version.

Here’s why – with the spray version, you are limited in how you can direct the silicone, which means that is basically only ends up on the rod. You can’t actually get the spray silicone on the bearings, which is essential to extending the life of your table. But, if you use the liquid silicone, then you can manually put drops of it on the bearings on your own. This is definitely the best way to lubricate the bearings of the table.

Never use WD-40 spray in place of silicone! While this may work initially, it is actually very damaging to your table cause it dries out the bearings and bumpers and will eventually wear down the rods.

How To Use Silicone On Your Foosball Table Rods

When it comes to maintaining your foosball rods with silicone, you should schedule this as weekly maintenance if you are a heavy player. But, if you don’t play it that often, then you can go for longer periods without need for silicone lubrication. In fact, if you only play occasionally or a few times a week, then you can use a monthly lubrication schedule.

It is easy to know if your rods need some extra lubrication because you will notice that they turn slower and are harder to slide in and out.

For the easiest way to apply silicone to your foosball rods, take a clean cloth and put some of the silicone directly onto the cloth. Then, apply it to each of the rods on the table. As you do this, take precautions to not drip any silicone onto the playing surface or the handles. Once you’ve applied it to the rods, you should move on to the bearings. Take your liquid silicone and put it right up against the bearing and put a drop or two of it on each bearing. After each drop application, spin the rod around a few times (slowly) to make sure that the silicone gets completely in the bearings.

Where To Buy Foosball Rod Silicone?

foosball rood siliconeMost foosball table manufactures sell this lubrication with other foosball accessories. You can also usually find it in retail stores that specialize in these tables. However, you can also just order some online from Amazon.

We recommend that you choose the Tornado brand liquid silicone as it works well and have a great low price.

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It comes in a 2.5 ounce bottle that should last you for several months since you only need to use a little of it at a time. Some people like to use an eyedropper to apply it to their tables, so if that appeals to you then you should buy one separately as it does not come with the bottle.

Foosball Table Maintenance Tips

In addition to keeping everything clean, you should also work to maintain the table in prime operating condition. We’re assuming that you’re using an indoor table, but you can still follow these tips for an outdoor table.

Keep In A Cool, Dry Area

Make sure that you don’t position your table by a window where the sunlight can hit it during the table. The sun exposure can actually damage the table by fading the cabinet and surface, among other damage.

Moving Your Table

When you need to move the table, never drag it across the floor. Instead, have someone else help you to lift it and move it to the desired location.

To prevent the table from moving during game play, place some anti-slip pads on the legs. This is especially important for floors that are not carpeted. Why? Because when the table moves during game play, it’s natural for one person to drag it back into place instead of having two people lifting it back into place. And anti-slip pads prevent that from even being an issue.

How’s The Alignment?

It might not be something that you think about, but the men on the rods need to be aligned properly for good game play. This is especially true if you are a rough player, or if you just play a lot.

So, take the time to regularly inspect the men on the rods and see if they are aligned or if you need to re-align them. Doing this can help prevent the breaking and splintering of the men.

No Food Or Drinks

Reduce the chances of spills or crumbs on the table by not allowing anyone to bring drinks or food near (or on) the table. Sure, there is space on the corners for your drink, but those drinks can easily get knocked off during heated game play. So, do yourself a favor and just avoid drinks and snacks near the table.