What You Should Know About Your Foosball Handle Grip

An overall entertaining game, foosball is a great activity to play with friends at get togethers and can be a fun competitive sport as well. Regardless of your intention behind playing, for fun or competition, it is important to know a few important tips when it comes to knowing exactly how to grip your foosball handle. Here is some knowledge that you can keep in mind the next time you head to the foosball table to get in some practice or a fun game with friends.

Gripping the Handle

A proper grip is important when it comes to your overall performance. This effects your speed and accuracy as well. To make sure you are able to have a maximum range of movement and enhanced speed, it is very important to grip the handle loosely. Many first time players make the mistake of gripping the handle too tight which can lead to a decrease in performance. The two main types of grips used in foosball are the traditional shot grip and the open handed grip.

The Traditional Shot Grip

Relevant to all standard foosball shots is the traditional shot grip. Standard foosball shots include the pull shot, spray shot, push shot, and tic-tac shot as well. Ideally, there should be a minimal gap between the skin which connects the thumb/index finger and the handle. An indicator that you are gripping too hard to get a good shot in is the skin being fully wrapped around the handle or having white knuckles. Many people have experience in sports where a firm grip is important, such as tennis. It is crucial to your grip to make sure you don’t carry over these habits into your foosball game.

The Open Handed Grip

If you are attempting a rollover or snake shot, an open handed grip will be used for this play option. The set up mandates that the foosball man to tilt forward and where the toe pins the ball to the table. Once this is achieved, a smooth transition between the traditional grip and the open handed grip is enacted. This is achieved by the bottom of the hand and wrist touching the handle. An upward sliding motion causes the foosball man to make a nearly full rotation before hitting the ball. What makes this a legal move in foosball? The man does not complete a full 360 degree rotation prior to making contact with the ball again.

Tips to Improve Your Grip

So, the two main grips have been covered. What can you do to improve your grip? First, make sure the handles have grips on them. This will help you keep a firm hold of the handle. You can also use gloves and tubes to help keep hold of the handles as well. The amount of grip that you need will be different than your friends or teammates, so make sure you find the product that works the best for you and your performance.

Practicing these different shots and making sure you have a good product to keep a good grip on the handles is an ideal way to drastically improve your foosball game. Try these out at your next practice or get together and see if you end up performing better than you did last time. Chances are you will find yourself victorious during your next foosball game.

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