4 Popular Playcraft Foosball Tables 2022

As most people are aware, no matter what age you are, foosball tables are great fun for you. Table football is a great opportunity for you to forget all the problems for a few hours and play a game of this hobby with your parents, friends, children, boyfriend, girlfriend. As in any game, victory and defeat are an integral part, therefore it is a great sport to cultivate the athlete spirit and altitude. Of course, use this game to have fun in the best possible way with your pals. Once you have a taste of this beloved-for-decades game, you will not be able to stop.

There are lots and lots of foosball table brands on the market. But in this article, we will take this opportunity to recommend the best models of Playcraft foosball tables that you can buy on Amazon.

Who Are Playcraft Company

Playcraft was established more than forty years ago. Their core belief is that play is beautiful, so they make beautiful things to play on and craft beautiful moments with your family and friends. The company is based in the USA and is engaged in the production of not only foosball table models, but also many other games that were originally mostly popular in Europe. They produce shuffleboard, pool, and air hockey. Different models of foosball tables are produced that are adapted to the age of the player. The models are sold all over the world, as the company eventually expanded to other markets besides the American one. On this occasion, we will recommend to you some of the best models you can buy to beautify your home and have one fun party for all the family.

TOP 4 Playcraft Foosball Tables on Amazon

This is the most affordable table football produced by Playcraft, which is a great medium for you to enjoy some quality time primarily with your children. It is 46″ long - 24″ deep - 31″ tall, probably not suitable for tall adults to hunch over to have a match, but it is just the right size for older kids (maybe older than 8) to play  with other family members, friends and their siblings.

Playing on this table of Playcraft, which is made of engineered wood, chromium steel rods and plastic, the kids will spend their free time in a fantastic way. The table is made in black with graphics and the players are made in two different colors, yellow and grey and you will also get a few balls. This version of the foosball table will be much more interesting for children, but when you go on a trip or family vacation, you can take this thing with you because it is not as big as a classic foosball table, and it weighs only 65.9 pounds.

After hours of assembling (no joke), take your time because unfortunately the instructions aren’t clear. You will all enjoy a fun and entertaining game together, hopefully. This table offers everything that foosball tables allow you in the regulation table dimensions. You will be able to easily manipulate steel bars with very stable grooves at the ends. The table has leg levellers. And the price of this foosball table is around 100 dollars, so it is a good alternative to the standard foosball table, which is much more expensive.



Playcraft Milan - European Foosball Table, Light Maple

This table looks really beautiful to the eye if you like things that are not common. For those who are not fond of this kind of aesthetics, they will probably not like it. The table is made in a fantastic and very modern design with light maple and black legs. Regardless of the fact that dark colors are used for the players (red and black), it will not reduce the pleasure at all, and you will have a really great time playing on this table. This is a more modern version of Playcraft table football. Be mindful that although the product name claims European, it only means it’s European style, not made in Europe. It’s all a matter of taste for this table I feel, so some people probably like the aesthetics of this table because it’ll fit in with modern interior, especially since in addition to wooden ones. (But it’s not something that plays a crucial role when you play foosball table anyway.)

The dimensions are 57.3 x 29.5 x 35.5 inches, so you’ll need a bit more room for the game play. One thing about this table is that it comes with metal striker plate in goal, so it’ll make a victory sound every time you hit the goal. The telescoping rods are a bonus for safety reason too. The ball return with the plastic tubing might get the ball caught and it could be frustrating. Also the playfield might be sloped if you didn’t screw it down all the way to start with. Some dead spots are presented during the game play.


This is a table of the highest quality, but it also means that you need to set aside an enviable amount of money. The construction of this model of foosball table fairly sturdy. As the name suggest, this fooseball table is dark colors dominate. It is actually pebbled grey and black, smooth texture with black and red players. The table looks very nice visually, butcher box traditional style, and at the same time is very stable and durable. Players are easy to manipulate, but I suggest use some foosball wrap on the bars, that way it will not slip out of your hands. That’s probably the only thing I don’t like about the table.

A table like this will allow for hours of never-ending fun. The table is 56.25” x 29.75” x 34.25″ and weighs 123.5 lbs. The table has nice textured score bars and you also get a tournament style ball. This table will cost you over 400 dollars, but it will be an item with which you can decorate your home and at the same time provide yourself and your family with top-notch entertainment.



This is another hundred premium quality for which you will have to spend almost 1000 dollars. The game on this table will be equally enjoyed by professionals, but also by players who are just starting the game on the foosball table - outdoors. The price is completely justified when you see what the table looks like. The table is made of aluminium that is predominantly painted in white. The table has great stability as it has legs with cross bar and leg levelers. Unlike some of the previously mentioned tables, this foosball table is extremely heavy and can not be easily transported to the desired location either inside or outside once you prop it down at a place. The table haven’t got cup holders which is a shame for outdoor fun. Who doesn’t have a drink in their hand when hanging out outdoors, right? Aside from that, when the ball goes into the goal, it basically goes through and falls onto the ground. That’s one major thing I don’t like about this table. Also there are numerous dead spots where the men’s feet can’t reach the ball, meaning the players need to manually move the ball in the middle of the game. This can be quite annoying.

The players’ figurines are robot design, and since the table is built in a combination of aluminium and steel, this will provide exceptional stability and a full atmosphere when playing the foosball table. A lot of effort has been put into every detail on this table, and if you want to make a good investment, you will not go wrong with buying this foosball table that will fit in any outdoor area where you put it.


Final thoughts

We have mentioned only four of the models of Playcraft foosball tables that you can buy on Amazon. Do check out their official website, they have a wide range of products that’ll capture your eyes.

Certain tables are made for adults, while some other tables can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. You can get some tables for a few hundred dollars, while for some other premium-quality tables you have to spend up to a thousand dollars. Regardless of everything, top entertainment is guaranteed and it is a matter of your taste which table you will get. Buying a foosball table is a good investment and depending on your budget you will choose the right option for you. For children, foosball table is much better fun than spending most of the day at the computer and mobile phone. Adults will be able to enjoy this game equally after a hard day’s work. Foosball table can be played both indoors and outdoors and can be a very good part of your parties, birthday parties, picnics. So if you haven’t got a table yet, do it right away and fun is guaranteed.