Improve Your Grip With Foosball Wraps

You’re having a competitive foosball game with your buddies and just when you go to make a killer shot, your sweaty hands lose your grip and you fumble it. All those hours you spent perfecting your technique just went down the drain thanks to those sweaty palms.

If you’d put some wraps on the handles of your foosball table, then the embarrassing defeat you just suffered could have been avoided entirely.

In tournaments, the pros (and wanna be pros) all use foosball handle wraps to improve their grips. Wraps not only help you make those more advanced shots, but they also improve your defense and passing.

What Are They?

If you’ve never heard of wrapping the handles on your foosball table, then you’re in for a real game changer here – literally!

You’re probably familiar with this practice in racquet sports, like tennis, where players wrap the handles with special grip tape for the purpose of improving performance. The exact same thing applies here.

Some of the major brands, like Tornado and Warrior, make branded wraps that you can buy for better grips. There are also other companies that make them.

We suggest that you buy wraps designed specifically for foosball table grips since those ones will be the proper length for the handles of your table.

What You Should Know Before Buying

The wraps are available in different thickness and tackiness. It is impossible for us to know which tapes you will prefer since it is truly a matter of comfort and personal preference.

Fortunately, these things are priced cheap, so you can test out a few different brands until you find the one that offers the best feel for you when you’re playing.

When you’re testing out a new wrap tape for the handles, it’s a good idea to play long enough that your hands get sweaty. That’s the best way for you to get a true idea of how the wraps will perform then you’re under pressure.

Since you’ll want to wrap all of the handles to improve their grip, it’s a good idea to buy the wraps in bulk once you determine which one you like the best.

And if you are shopping locally and can’t find any foosball wraps, then a good alternative are tennis racquet handle wraps. You can find the Wilson Pro Overgrip wraps on Amazon and we find that they also offer good performance (when you can’t find wraps for foosers).

Our Picks: Best Foosball Wraps

You can find a few different options online for quality foosball tape wraps, and we’ll share some of our favorites with you now.

Warrior Foosball Wraps (set of 4)

This set is small enough for you to test the feel without spending a fortune. We like that they come in multiple colors and they have a great feel to them when you’re playing a heated match against your friends.

Warrior Foosball Wraps (set of 4)

It is a set of four and we think that these grips are very tacky, which is why we recommend them for people to test out first thing.

Overall, these have a nice amount of stretch to them and they will fit the handles on any foosball table, so you don’t need a Warrior model to use these.

Warrior Foosball Wraps (bundle of 60)

If you want to jump right in and get yourself enough tape to last you for a few months, then we highly recommend this bulk pack from Warrior.

Warrior Foosball Wraps (bundle of 60)

Yup, these are the exact same wraps that you get in the four pack, except you get a lot more of them for the money.

Durable and absorbent this will help wick moisture away and keep your hands dry when you’re trying to beat your buddies at a game.

Masterwraps Standard Thick, Thin Tacky, and Thin Sticky

Though we’ve never used them, Masterwraps offers several different options for wraps that might interest some of the more serious players out there.

masterwraps Neon Orange Explorer grip tape

You can choose your thickness level and tackiness level so that you can get the perfect grip when you’re playing a game.

Masterwraps makes grip tape for all sorts of sports, from tennis to foosball, so they really know their grip tape!

You can learn more about what they offer on their website.

How To Install Foosball Wraps (and How Often To Change Them)

Putting this tape on your table’s handles is as easy as it seems. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Unravel the wraps completely.
  2. Take one end of the tape and place it on the front of the handle that you want to start with.
  3. Hold the tape with one hand and rotate the handle with the other.
  4. Make sure the tape is rolling on tight and with no gaps – if you see either of those things, unravel and start again.
  5. Move on to the next handle once you finish.

If you’re more of a visual learner, the team at Unreal Foos has a short video tutorial that you can watch below.

Once you get the tape on all of the handles, you’ll notice some definite improvement in your game play. But, after a while you will need to replace it once it starts to lose its tackiness.

For frequent players, you’re looking at changing out the wraps probably every two to three months.

It will be obvious to you when the wraps need changed out because the tackiness won’t really be there any more and the grips will feel hard since they’ve lost all their moisture.

All you have to do is unravel the tape to replace your handle wraps with new ones.