Best Foosball Table Brands

The entertaining game of foosball — also referred to as table soccer or table football — has been around for almost 100 years. Invented in 1922, foosball has since become a family favorite. But if you choose to join the craze and buy a good foosball table for home, you’ll soon discover that there are many different brands available. So how do you choose the best one for your needs? Read on as give you our picks for the top brands you should consider for your home foosball table needs.


As far as quality goes, you can’t get a better foosball table than a Tornado brand foosball table. All of their models cost more than $1,000 direct from the manufacturer, but expert foosball players will tell you that they’re worth every penny. Tornado also makes coin-operated tables, which means if you’ve ever done your foosing in a bar or arcade, then you’ve probably played on one of Tornado’s tables.

For a beginner player, you likely don’t need to get a Tornado table unless you think that you’ll stick with the game and continue to play it for many years to come. Cause they only make high quality tables that are designed to last you for the long haul

Our favorite of Tornado’s different models include:

  • Tornado Sport: Priced on the higher end, this is an ideal foosball table for beginners and intermediate players. It features a beautiful one-inch thick mahogany finish cabinet that weighs 200 pounds, which makes the table extra sturdy and reliable.
  • Tornado Classic: This one is for more advanced foosball players. It boasts a sleek black leather laminate finish and weighs 25 pounds more than the Tornado Sport. It also has counterbalanced players.
  • Tornado Elite: This model is very similar to the Classic, except that it has commercial quality rods. In addition, it features Victorian cherry laminate finish, making it more traditional and more expensive.
  • Tornado T-3000: Built to last a lifetime, this is hands down the best foosball table you can find. Made of stainless steel laminate, it weighs a whopping 355 pounds. It also features a split cabinet design, counter-balanced men and mechanical bearings for the smoothest play.


This Italian company has been making high quality foosball tables since the 1950’s and they are still cranking them out. You can find both American style tables and European style tables from Garlando, so they offer something for everyone! Plus, they are know for making high quality tables at a reasonable price. If you can’t afford a Tornado table, then we think this brand  is your next best option.

Some of our favorite Garlando tables include:

  • Garlando G-500 – this table is available in both indoor and outdoor versions and it has a sleek, butcher block style that will look great anywhwere
  • Garlando F-100 – this is one of the cheaper tables that they offer and it has a similar design to the G-500.
  • Garlando G-5000 – this one is a premium foosball table for the more serious players. It looks great and plays even better!


In the 1890s, Carrom started as a pool table manufacturer. It later expanded into other family game tables, including foosball. Carrom is better known for creating fun family table games than for top-of-the-line products. However, all foosball tables from Carrom are made in the USA, which instantly adds value and reliability.

In addition to making quality tables, we find that most of the models that Carrom makes are affordably priced. This makes their tables a good options for families who want something that kids and adults can play without busting the budget. And with the quality offered by Carrom, you end up with something that can withstand the rough play of the kiddos and still last your family for years to come.

Our favorites of Carrom’s foosball table models include:

  • Harley Davidson: This model boasts Harley-branded logos and custom flame graphics. However, it’s not known as a very high-end foosball table, as it lacks many features.
  • REALTREE Xtra: This REALTREE-branded foosball table is perfect for the millions of hunting enthusiasts all over the world!
  • Signature: This model is a standard American foosball table. It’s fast and accurate, featuring adjustable leg levelers, wooden handles and high-quality foosball men.
  • Burr Oak: This one’s a step down from the Signature model. It features quality, sturdy cabinet design, but it’s not top of the line.
  • Aegean: This model is perfect for players who simply want to play a relaxed game of foosball. Priced affordably, the Agean features a thick, heavy, reliable cabinet design, but it doesn’t offer many of the things professionals would require.


Atomic has introduced new revolutionary foosball table designs that have never been seen before, adding another dimension to the game of foosball. While we don’t think that Atomic tables offer quite as high of quality as the brands listed above, they are still a decent choice for some home game rooms. We think that you’ll find Atomic tables last you a decent amount of time, but honestly, if you want the best bang for your buck, then go with one of the brands listed above (in our opinion).

Atomic offers these different models:

  • AS: The men in this model’s design have two feet, called a “hammerhead,” to maximize the functionality of the players. This allows the men to be counterbalanced and also encourages new ball control skills and tricks.
  • Gladiator: Featuring handles, thick cabinet walls, adjustable leg levelers and side ball returns, this model fulfills almost everything on a great foosball player’s list. However, the men cannot perform complex shots and don’t have enhanced ball control.
  • EuroStar: This model was created to match the play style of the European tables, meaning that it’s all about finesse and ball control.
  • ProForce: This is the most affordable Atomic foosball table, coming in with a retail price under $500. It features manual slide scoring, four balls, adjustable leg levelers on the feet of each leg and rubber octagonal handles for easy grip.

It’s time to play!

Now that you know the best foosball table brands, what are you waiting for? Find the one that best suits your needs, invite some friends over and enjoy the fun!