Work On Your Foosball Stance

If you are preparing for a fun foosball game with friends, you might think that you can just walk up to the table and start playing, right? Well, sure you can do that, but without proper stance, you just might end up getting beaten by your opponent. The truth is that having the proper stance when playing foosball is no different than any other sport - the more relaxed you are and ready for movement, the better your chance of playing a great game. It doesn’t take much effort to work on your stance, so take our advice and you’ll start to see some improvements in your game performance.

The number one mistake that rookies make when playing the game is standing on their side of the stable so that they are completely parallel with the side of the foosball table. Definitely do not stand like this or you won’t be as ready to make quick movements.

Here at Foosball Revolution, we find that the best stance is to slightly angle your body away from the table. So, try to stand with your left side closer to the table and your feet and body angled so that your right side is further from it. Your body should be at roughly 45 degrees from the side of the table.

Why stand like this? So that your right arm has great range of movement, which is very importance since defensive rods #2 and #3 are longer and you need more room to move them. So, by standing like this, you are able to pull the rods back closer to your body than if you were to be standing adjacent to the table’s side.

You can even try playing games with each of the two stances to see the noticeable difference in how it affects your game.

The proper body stance not only improves your ease of motion with the rods, but it also gives you noticeable improvement  on the power and speed of your shots. And if you play a lot of games regularly, then you might already know that you can get a repetitive stress injury (RSI) or back injury from the wrong body stance. But, if you follow our tips above, you should be able to reduce your instances of injury or strain.

And if you learn better by video, I found a decent fooser stance tutorial on YouTube that might help you out. Take a moment to watch it below.

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