What Is The Best Size Pool Table To Get?

What Is The Best Size Pool Table To Get?

Playing games on pool has become a trend for many individuals for a very long time. It is a game you can play as a pastime in your free time. It can also be played professionally or in leagues. Having a pool table has several advantages, whether you play with your family or invite others over for a friendly match. But considering your room size, what is the best size pool table to get?

There is no single standard table size in the pool, which is one of the most confusing things for beginners. You never know whether a 6-foot pool table would be enough or a 9-foot table will fulfil your needs. Learning to adjust your abilities to a variety of configurations pays off. We will explain everything in this discussion.

Why Purchase a Pool Table?

There are reasons for why you should have a pool table at your home. Playing pool at home or at any place can potentially improve interpersonal connections. You can play whenever you want and have your own place, (or in your own rules) which allows you to focus more on playing and have more fun. This supports the idea that playing pool can enhance brain function. It provides entertaining experiences for you and your loved ones.

At the same time, it enhances a room’s overall appearance. Your uninteresting room can be made into something chic and classy with the help of a pool table. But there are different pool table sizes. You should know about them before choosing any table.

Different Pool Table Sizes

Pool tables can be classified into one of the different categories based on their size:

Standard Tournament Tables

Different sizes of standard pool tables are available. A pool table should be between 6 and 9 feet long to be considered standard. In these various sizes, standard pool tables are occasionally referred to as regulatory pool table sizes. This style, which is roughly eight feet long, is frequently seen as the ideal size for homes. Everyone can use it, even beginners.

Between 7-foot and 9-foot pool tables, there are often those who are confused which size would be the best. There is also a middle size which is the 8-foot table that can also be considered. You will need to bust out some clusters in addition to your mid-range shots. Because they preserve flexibility and are the finest for at-home practice for serious players or businesses looking to improve customer satisfaction, 8-foot tables are very popular in households.

The greatest size for buying a pool table for your home to play with your friends is an 8-foot pool table.

Regulation Pool Table

The length-to-width ratio of both commercial and residential pool tables is very similar, as billiards is an angle-based game. A pool table that sticks to the 2-to-1 ratio necessary for regulatory pool table sizes is simply said to be a regulation-size table. So long as the playing surface specs are precise, any size table can be used. For example, a table with a 44-inch width must be 88 inches long to be considered a regulation.

It’s true that transferring to a regulation-size table after playing on a non-standard table for any length of time is more challenging. Even marginally, the measures are off.

Bar Box

The most common pool table in bars is the 7-foot model, also referred to as the “bar box.” Regular use of 7-foot pool tables necessitates a certain set of skills since the billiard balls tend to clump into groups that you must shatter. A 7-foot pool table has many advantages, one of which is brushing up on your abilities. You need a longer table if you want to play seriously.

If you don’t have open room, choose a 7-foot table. Anytime you need to, you’ll only need to dust off your cue stick. Although it’s not the ideal size for a pool table, you can practice on it in your house, apartment, condo, or townhouse.

Mini Table

This type of pool table is far smaller than the others. You can put it in a game area where there might not be much space as you don’t need to worry about giving it a big room. It often falls between 20 inches and 5 feet. The size affects the function. The smallest size is usually saved for kids and younger people.

How To Pick The Right-Sized Pool Table

Measure a pool table

If you place a sizable pool table in a small area, you won’t be able to play properly. A too-small pool table can be used in a large empty space, but your lovely pool table will not fit proportionately. Measuring is the most crucial step when buying a new pool table. Players need plenty of space to move around the entire table and handle their cues without causing damage to nearby objects.

Check the size of your room.

When choosing, the official room size for the pool table is quite important. To be able to move around comfortably, you need enough room. The shooting stroke will have enough room. Other factors to take into account include your layout and dimensions as well as any load-bearing columns, which are crucial in basements. Measure the available floor space as well, being careful to allow players enough room to squat down and make shots.

Keep in mind your cue rack and scoreboard, and make a place for others who are waiting their turn. The nine-foot table, or giant pool table, is the one that is most frequently suggested for pros.


This discussion explains what is the best size pool table to get based on different factors and locations that are discussed in detail. The guide helps new buyers to get a suitable-sized pool table for their home, office, or anyplace else. For more, see our website.


What size pool tables do the professionals play on?

The professional players use nine-foot pool tables. Longer shots necessitate greater precision and better speed control because to the larger size and frequently narrower pockets. Develop a precise stroke and good cue ball control.


Which pool table is best for use at home?

The American Legend Brookdale, a 7.5-foot pool table with a felt-covered wood playing surface, all the necessary pool accessories, and a fair price, is the finest option overall.

How big are pool tables in bars?

It nevertheless had a sizable enough playing area to make for a fun game. The majority of pubs still use 7-foot tables, although the 6-foot table is becoming more common.

Is a 7 foot pool table considerable?

In general, eight-foot tables are referred to be “professional” size, whereas seven-foot tables are referred to as “bar” size. We advise getting the bigger size if you have the room because it usually makes for a better playing experience. A seven-foot table, though, can be a wonderful addition to a tiny space.

Is an 8 foot or 9 foot pool table better?

Nine-foot tables are trickier to move and demand more expertise, which increases the difficulty and excitement of the game for the players. Even if you don’t intend to compete professionally, it is preferable to purchase the official size if you wish to play frequently versus friends.