6 Places Where You Can Play Foosball In Vancouver

Are you visiting Vancouver and wondering where all the locals get their gaming on? Foosball players in this awesome Canadian city have plenty of cool plays to enjoy the game. The sport continues to gain more and more popularity in the area and the options continue to increase. And if you want to join in on the fun, below are some places for you to check out.

1. Soho Bar & Billiards

Location: 1283 Hamilton Street

Contact: (604) 688-1180

Website: sohobar.ca

This place is great for hanging out with friends, drinking and playing games. There are some great drink specials every day. It is low-key, comfortable and homely with a really cool old-school vibe. They have good and varied drinks at affordable prices and simple yet delicious food. The games include; foosball, pinball, pool and old arcade games. The crowd is generally fun and pleasant so you can easily make some new friends. It is really clean and the staff is friendly. They have a spacious patio and beautiful outdoor décor making it easy to relax.

2. The American

Location: 926 Main Street

Contact: (778) 945-6751

This place offers so much entertainment for both adults and kids. They have a cute coffee shop, a lunch portion a bar and an area for games. The crowd is pleasant and diverse. You can find both young and older people. It has a hip, cool vibe and is generally low-key. They play a variety of music genres depending on the crowd. It is great when hanging out in large groups because they have long bar tables. There have about 6-8 delicious and unique drink options and their burgers are great. They have a pool table, a foosball table, pinball machines and skee ball. Their staff members are friendly and very helpful.

3. The Pint Public House

Location: 455 Abbot Street

Contact: (604) 684-0258

Website: thepint.ca

This place is very popular among sports lovers. You can watch just about any sport here. It has a cool, ancient architectural design and a pleasant vibe. Their table games are; foosball, pool, table hockey and darts. The space for these games is downstairs and there are no noise interruptions from upstairs. It is also well-known for the delicious and unbelievably cheap wings on Wednesdays. When there are events at the Rogers arena, it is always packed. The drink and food selection is great and the bartenders are fast, helpful and fun. It is a nice place if you want to play, eat delicious foods and drink without having to spend too much.

4. 12 Kings Pub

Location: 395 Kingsway

Contact: (604) 558-1208

Website: 12kingspub.com

This pub is majorly a sports bar that has great sporting events and games night. It is just nest to the Biltmore. On games night, they offer free pool and pinball. Their food and craft beer menus have so many options of delicious and affordable food and drinks. Their wings are pretty popular for being a decent size and very tasty. On wing night, their delicious wings are really cheap. On Saturdays, they have karaoke night which attracts a lot of people. Even though the pub is usually busy, the service is great. Bartenders are nice and really helpful. The management has created such a good relationship with the surrounding community that makes the bar so popular. The atmosphere is fun and friendly .It opens until late. There is plenty of parking on the side streets just behind the bar. It is definitely great for people looking to have a good time especially on the weekend.

5. The Metropole Community Pub

Location: 320 Abbot Street

Contact: (604) 408-5822

Website: themetpub.ca

This dive bar is beautiful with plenty of liquor and a big dance floor. The floor is decorated with original art décor and it is really spacious. It is a great place to drink, dance and have fun. It almost looks like a night club. They have really great DJs and every night, they play a different genre of music. On Fridays and Saturdays, they play just about everything. They have an interesting karaoke host that always makes it fun. Their food is decent and prices are really good. They have beer specials on Tuesdays and you can get drinks for as little as $2. They have customer appreciation nights and the staff generally treats customers very well. The crowd is diverse and generally pleasant. You can play games such as ping pong, pool, skee ball, retro video games and foosball. Their large TV screens are always showing great sports. It is a good bar for people looking to have fun and meet new people at really low costs.

6. Guys & Dolls Billiards

Location: 2434 Main Street

Contact: (604) 879-4433

This pool hall has about 12 really well-maintained pool tables and some snooker tables. They also have foosball and chess so it is a good place for game lovers. Their drinks are really nice and they have a small menu for food. Even though they do not let people drink at the tables, they have a special area for that close to the pool tables. The atmosphere is cool and relaxed and the service is great. The place is suited for people looking to play games in a cool, relaxed atmosphere.

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