Basic Rules of Playing Foosball

If you’re new to the game of foosball, then you might want to brush up on the basic rules before you start playing. It is a pretty simple table game to play, which makes it a great hobby for people of all ages - including kids!

Starting The Game - most people usually start a foosball game with a coin toss. So, call your side of the coin before the flip to see who gets to serve first.

The Table - Before you start playing, count the number of balls to make sure that you have all 9 of them. Also make sure that all players know to not spin the rods around. This seems to be more of a problem with kids than adults, but just mention it to everyone to avoid any issues during the game.

Playing The Game - The ball can be served through any hole. Since there are 9 balls, you play the best of nine games, which means the first person to score 5 goals is the winner.

After a goal is made, the team that was scored upon gets to serve the ball. Likewise, if the ball leaves the table, then it is given to the team last scored upon to serve it.

Did the ball stop moving and neither team can get at it? Declare “dead ball,” pick it up and the last scored upon team gets to serve the ball.

No reaching into the table with your hands while a ball is in play - you can only do this when there is a dead ball situation.

The ball can only remain in one place for 15 seconds - so, don’t try to hog the ball while you come up with a strategy!

Don’t try to jar or bump the table while a game is in play as this is cheating, just like in pinball.

Scoring - The ball must be touched by a man before you can score. Any time the ball goes into the goal, it is counted as a legal point - regardless of who last touched it.  As previously mentioned, if you want to win, then you need to be the first one to five goals.

Keep in mind that these are not the official tournament rules, but they are the basics that you need to know before playing a game with friends or family. And remember, the most important rule of foosball is to have a fun time!

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