Foosball Coffee Table - See Your Best Options!

Foosball is a fun table-top game that remains widely played after over a century of popularity. The best part about foosball tables is that you can get a table in your own home without spending a great deal of money. Foosball tables tend to hold their value, and some of the available variants are designed for dual use as coffee tables. To understand how awesome foosball coffee tables really are, read on to learn about four of the best tables that are available.

1. Dark Brown Foosball Coffee Table With Tempered Glass

One of the best foosball coffee tables on the market is a 42-inch foosball coffee table made by Barrington, a leading foosball table manufacturer. The table is made from beautiful hardwoods that give it a luxurious feel. A dark stain is used to make the table seem like any other fine coffee table that you would buy at an ordinary furniture store. It is, however, still a fully functional foosball table that your family can enjoy from the comfort of your living room.

Although Barrington’s foosball coffee table seems compact, it still manages to pack in a full-sized foosball playing field. The field itself is covered with tempered glass that gives off a clean shine while still providing enough strength to make it resistant to accidental collisions that might break ordinary glass. The advantage of tempered glass is that it does not shatter into large shards that can cause serious injuries. The table is, therefore, very unlikely to break without extraordinary abuse, but it will still protect your family if the worst happens.

On each end of the table, there are bean counters designed to keep score when playing foosball. The table also comes with a full-sized hardwood shelf near the floor that is perfect for easy access to books or game boards that your family might want to use in your living room. Barrington also designed its table in a smart way so that it is difficult to bump into the rotating side handles when you walk by. Even if you still manage to hit them, they are made in a rounded design that will lessen much of the impact.

Overall, Barrington’s foosball coffee table is a great choice for any living room, basement, office, or man cave. Its sturdy design can hold up for decades, and it actually enhances the appearance of any room in which it is placed. Assembly is required, but all components can be pieced together with the included allen key and an ordinary screwdriver.

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2. Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table
  • Coffee Table doubles as a Foosball Game table!
  • Solid Hardwood Construction with elegant accents and hand-carved detailing
  • Furniture-grade playfield has inlaid wood veneers with hand painted foosball men
  • Telescopic rods, octagonal handles and adjustable leg levelers
  • Sleek glass top and functional shelf below

Chicago Gaming offers a premium foosball coffee table that features intricate trim and a compact design. Like Barrington’s table, this Chicago Gaming table is made from dark hardwoods that are ideal for any fine living space. However, a broad range of extra touches are used throughout the table to give it a refined appearance while making it more practical for day-to-day use.

The handles on the Chicago Gaming table are shaped into a narrow but rounded design. Nevertheless, the handles are still full-sized so you will not have to use your fingertips to play foosball like you would with other compact tables. Instead, the playing field is made a bit more narrow than on standard foosball tables. Although you will not be able to have a true regulation-sized foosball table in your living room, the difference in size does not adversely impact play in any way. In fact, the smaller size can actually make games more fun, and most of your guests will not even notice the size difference.

The most significant benefit of the narrow design of Chicago Gaming’s foosball coffee table is that running into one of the side handles is nearly impossible thanks to a wider top lip that gives the handles a relatively low profile. Even if you run your leg along the side of the table, you will not be able to make contact with the handles. This table is, therefore, great for family members who are at risk of injuring themselves by tripping on unseen objects.

The bottom line is that your family will get to enjoy a true conversation piece that is practical in any living room and functional during intense play. The field itself is painted by hand, and the foosball men are made from weighted materials. The table also is designed to support standard-sized foosballs, so you will have no problem replacing the balls if you lose them. Chicago Gaming’s product is, therefore, a table that you should definitely consider using in your home.

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3. Steve Silver Foosball Cocktail Table

Steve Silver Cocktail Table with Foosball
  • Table does double duty as a cocktail table and fully operating foosball table
  • Foosball table has six handles, two foosballs, an easy-to-retrieve ball return on each end and a side entry port on side to start the game action
  • Table comes with five casters (two locking) for added mobility and features a bottom shelf for added strength and storage
  • Tapered legs
  • Made from tempered glass, chrome coated iron with wood solids and veneers

If you are looking for a more simple coffee foosball table, you may want to consider the table offered by Steve Silver. The manufacturer refers to its product as a “cocktail table,” but it is functionally identical to a coffee table. However, the table comes with a broad range of features that make it highly unique relative to other products in the marketplace.

One of the most interesting aspects of Steve Silver’s coffee foosball table is that it comes with rollers to make it portable. Ordinary foosball tables are usually very heavy, so they almost always come with rollers that can be installed as an optional accessory. Likewise, the rollers on this Steve Silver table can be removed if you plan to keep your table in a stationary position. The flexibility to either easily stow your foosball table away or to keep it in a fixed position opens new possibilities that can make this table a good option if you are unsure about how much you will use your table or whether you will prefer to use an alternative furniture piece for day-to-day use.

The Steve Silver table has wooden knobs that have a relatively low profile, so you do not have to worry about bumping into them. Although the knobs stick out slightly further than the edge of the table, tripping on them would require a deliberate effort. To further enhance safety, the glass is also made from shatterproof tempered materials that are resistant to scratches and heavy impacts alike.

Another awesome feature of this Steve Silver table is that the playing field is very easy to reach. With other foosball tables covered in this review, accessing the playing field is difficult since the interior space that encompasses the playing field is completely covered. Therefore, you have to lift the top of the table up to access the playing field, and doing so can be a serious inconvenience when balls get jammed. Steve Silver’s design, on the other hand, uses a taller table to provide plenty of room to reach down to grab foosballs that get stuck in corners or other hard-to-reach places.

Steve Silver’s table is a great product overall that will provide your family with days of fun. The table looks great in almost any setting, and it is built from durable materials that are sure to last.

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4. KICK Foosball Coffee Table Java

KICK Java 48″ in Foosball Coffee Table
  • Solid Real Brown Hardwood Construction with Tempered Glass Top
  • Telescopic Rods With Counter Balanced Men Set AND Uniformed Men Set
  • Coffee Table to Foosball Table Instantly
  • KICK Brand Quality & Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

The popular foosball brand Kick offers a coffee table designed for avid sports players. Unlike the other foosball coffee tables on this list that are designed primarily to function as coffee tables, Kick takes the opposite approach to deliver a table that is focused primarily on functionality. The table still looks great and is made from hardwoods, but it has a more sporty feel and features a more distinct playing field.

To position the table to attract sports fans, it is relatively large in size to provide a bigger playing field. However, the table is still of moderate size so that it can easily fit in any living room. As with many of the foosball coffee tables that are available, the playing field is not full-sized. Kick chose to make the playing field small relative to the wide edges of the table so that there is more of a viewing angle that makes it easy to see the action when you are leaning back on a couch.

The men on the playing field are counter balanced, so you will not experience wobbling when you spin the rods quickly during intense play. To ensure that you get lasting quality, the table also comes with a lifetime warranty. If any parts wear out through ordinary use, you can return the table to the manufacturer to get a replacement.

Kick builds foosball tables for highly competitive play, so every detail of its design incorporates the company’s three decades of expertise. The rods are made from polished chrome, the playing table has sharply defined lines, and the goals have plenty of room for balls of any size. When a goal is scored, you can easily access foosballs from the hand tray on each side. The table even comes with rod lubricant so that you can keep the table in use for decades.

Overall, Kick’s table is a good option to consider if you want a table that will be used regularly by serious players. Although the table does not have the luxurious feel that competing products offer, it offers an unmatched playing experience that can provide great fun for the whole family.

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