Where To Play Foosball In Toronto

Canada hosted the Foosball World Championship in September 2017. Most people heard or experienced the sport for the first time then. However, the event sparked interest in the table game in most part of the country. For starters, foosball is a table soccer. It is an excellent way to pass time and create memories with family, friends, and coworkers.

There are several places in Toronto where one can go for a foosball game. You will find its table in nearly every joint that has table games such as ping pong and pool. The list below is for the best five place to play foosball while in Toronto. Each place has an advantage over the other, so read on to find one that meets your tastes and preferences.

1. The Dock Ellis

Location: 1280 Dundas Street W

Contacts: (416) 792-8472

Website: thedockellis.com

Most people will recommend the Dock Ellis to people looking for a place to wash down delicious chicken wings with a great selection of craft beer. The Dock, however, has more to offer.

In addition to its brined and fried chicken wings, this joint provides several table games, including foosball. The rooms are spacious with 4-6 people around each table. So you can tag friends along if you desire to play in groups or have cheering fans. In addition, you can catch on to the latest soccer games on the bar’s 5 HD TV screens.

2. The WAbar

Location: 3 Isabella Street

Contacts: (437) 990-9292

Website: wabartoronto.com

Do you want to play for drinks? Then visit the “War Bar”. You can take your friends here for a challenge. You will also meet friendly foosball buffs who will not mind buying you a Jaeger bomb if you can prove your worth on the tables.

It is also one of the few Foosball bars where you have Wi-Fi. It appears kind of counterproductive until you think of what you would be doing while waiting for your turn to play. Truth is that you will barely use the Wi-Fi as a necessity. Even better, the guy behind the music desks takes request from the audience. So you can order a song each time you have a win to celebrate or a loss to weep over.

You can as well book it for your birthday party or any other group event. However, eat before you get here because this is a sports bar, not a café.

3. Einstein Café and Pub

Location: 229 College St

Contacts: +1 416-597-8346

Just for the record, Albert Einstein was never an alcoholic nether is there a record showing he was a teetotaler. In the fact, the available data shows that the sage had a rendezvous with distilled barley once in a while. So this name is by no means a mockery of the great mind. Einstein Café and Pub is the key joint for the Physicists from the University of Toronto, and everyone else.

The drink and the food, especially chicken wings are great. You can then join the college crowd at the foosball table for a game or two. It is the best place to be if you miss your college days or is visiting college student in Toronto.

4. Crooked Cue

Location: 3056 Bloor Street W

Contacts: (416) 236-7736

Website: crookedcue.ca

Crooked Cue is an excellent joint if you looking for a place in Bloor where you can play games and have a drink. It is also right for people who do not like crowded gaming bars.

You can hold parties and other special group events at the Crooked Cue. It has a variety of delicacies on the menus including burgers and nachos. Fortunately, they will not try to rip you off if you stop to eat in the middle of your foosball game. The attendant will stop the table timer to let you “reenergize” for the next part of the game.

The Crooked Cue is a cool place for people who want a place to socialize, play, have drinks or catch a game on the TV.

5. VIP billiard Club

Location: 385 Yonge Street

Contacts: (416) 977-1011

Website: vipbilliardsclub.com

If you were to look at the VIP Billiard Club from the streets, you would laugh at the irony. However, the inside décor, food, and games are completely above average. It has over 22 properly maintained gaming tables. The billing is on the minute, about $15/ hour for foosball games and, if you want, the boxing machine. Plan your play time to last for over an hour for you will pay full price for the first hour irrespective of the number of minutes you take.

It is the right place to be if you are not a dive person. It offers no craft beer and you might have to eat before you come to this place. However, there is a free burger challenge which you can take part in to win yourselves a $25 burger. The VIP Billiard is also one of the few gaming places that take the identity of their patrons seriously. Therefore, ensure that at least one person in your group of friends comes with an ID.

Playing foosball with your friends and family can be fun and leave worthy memories. Join the crown that meets your tastes then play for drinks or for the pleasure. Do you know any other excellent joint for foosball buffs in Toronto worth recommending? Share it in the comment section.