Where to Play Foosball in NYC

Did you know that nearly 1.9 million people play foosball in the USA every week? That is a significant number considering that the table game has only been around for less than half decade. That said, there are several places to play foosball in the Big Apple, but today we’re just focusing on places to get your foos on in Manhattan.

Here are six locations in New York City where you can take your friends, family and even kids to have a thrill of your life playing soccer, on a table of course.

1. Eastside Billiards

Location: 163 east 86 Street
Contact: (212) 831-7665
Website: eastsidebilliards.com

It is the first on this list because it accepts all members of the family. It has several games in addition to pool tables, of which foosball is one of them. Kids and underage players are allowed at this East Side spot until 8 pm. It is large, spacious and rarely overcrowded.

The drinks and food at the Eastside Billiards are affordable. However, they do not have an extensive variety of food. Which is not very disappointing, remember it is a gaming bar, not a restaurant. It is advisable to visit after you have eaten because they do not allow patrons to come in with food from outside. However, if you book a full day of playing, usually $20, you can break for meals and come back without nullifying the offer.

2. Two Bits Retro Arcade

Location: 153 Essex St
Contact: (212) 477-8161

If you are in Manhattan and would wish to feel like a teenager again, playing arcade games such as Ms. Pacman, Paperboy, Donkey Kong and foosball, then Two Bits-Retro Arcade is the place to be. The bar is cash-only, but it has an ATM. Besides, you do not need a lot of cash since most of the games are cheap, priced in cents.

Foosball is probably the most highly priced game in the bar, costing $1 per game. The others are averagely 75 cents per game. The beer is reasonably priced. However, it is only a place for those who enjoy the arcade games of the 80s and the 90s. They are all you will have once you get tired of playing foosball.

3. Fat Cat

Location: 75 Christopher St
Contact: (212) 675-6056
Website: fatcatmusic.org

Fat Cat seems to be synonymous with foosball in New York City. Such is probably because it is also a family-friendly foosball place. All ages are accepted at the place from Sunday to Thursday to play and have fun. Some of the other games you will find at this place are ping pong, pool, and Jenga.

It is a great date spot for those who love live music, especially jazz. However, you will have to eat before you come or have it delivered at the place. Due to its popularity, it gets crowded over the weekend. But hey, what do you expect for a place where people go to play, dance and have fun?

4. Parkside Lounge

Location: 317 E Houston St
Contact: (212) 673-6270
Website: parksidelounge.nyc

If playing foosball in a dive bar is your thing then you should try Parkside Lounge. However, it a sort of a sophisticated type of dive bar. The bathrooms are unusually clean; the gaming tables are properly maintained, has a large screen TV as well as an electronic jukebox.

Things to expect at the Parkside Lounge include live performances, trivia Wednesdays and happy hours. Like most other dive bars, they do not serve food, so you may have to eat before you go in or leave when you start to feel those hunger pangs. Even if dives are not your thing, the foosball and the music will make a visit worthwhile.

5. Sweetwater Social

Location: 643 Broadway
Contact: (212) 253-0477
Website: drinksweetwater.com

The Sweetwater social is a great fun spot for birthdays and group parties. It is spacious with several foosball tables. It is frequented by young crowds in their late 20s and early 30s. Sometimes it gets crowded, but you can avoid the inconvenience by booking for a gaming table in advance. If you want a special treat and have the money to facilitate it, book the couches, a day in advance.

Sweetwater social also has several games which you can play for when you need a break from the foosball tables.

6. Clinton Hall

Location: 90 Washington St
Contact: (212) 363-6000
Website: clintonhallny.com

Clinton hall is probably known for its grilled donut cheese. What you notice once you get into the place, besides the wooden benches and tables, are the several foosball, Uno and Jenga tables. If you feel too old for the crowd at Sweetwater Social, then come to Clinton Hall for a foosball game with friends and workmates. It is also over 40 selections of beer in cans and crafts.

If the games do not keep you coming back to this place, the food will. It has delicious Fresh Hot Donut balls topped with blue sugar. You can choose to flavor it up with Raspberry, Caramel or Nutella fillings. That may be too many calories for those on a diet. Thankfully, vegetarian options are available on request.


Each of the six places mentioned here has their special treats, limitations, and advantages. Choose the one that meets your taste, and you can access then have fun.

We acknowledge that the list is far from exhaustive. Do you know some other place you feel we should have included in this list? Share it with the world in the comment section. In the meantime, get out and have fun with family and friends playing foosball.

image credit: Wallula / Pixabay