Warrior Professional Foosball Table Review

Table soccer, or foosball, is a popular and competitive worldwide sport that increases in popularity each year.  The International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) and the United States Table Soccer Federation (USTSF) show commitment to the continued growth of foosball as a competitive sport.  The Warrior is recognized by ITSF and USTSF as a professional foosball table.

The Warrior’s designers achieved a breakthrough in foosball technology with playing options that are spectacular.  It is a durable and player-friendly gaming table created for professional table soccer players, yet it user-friendly and safe for all ages.  The technological advances make the Warrior table one of the best for ball speed and control.  The table construction is one of the most stable foosball tables with a unique rod guard system to create safety.

This foosball table is great for home, office, or professional play.  It is a great addition to any setting and provides fun for the family or the committed professional player.

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  • Warrior Professional Foosball TableDimensions – 54-5/8 inch long by 31-1/2 inch wide by 36-1/2 inch high with the levelers.  The shipping weight is 202 pounds.
  • Structure – The table has rubberized feet to prevent it from moving during play and adjustable levelers.  The playing field has a white backdrop made of high pressured laminate (HPL), a green field made of PVC laminate, and the side panels and legs are black PVC laminate.
  • Players – To Warrior, the players are one of the most important components of the table and deserve extra attention.  The players are counterbalanced, and the foot slightly larger than most with strategic vertical and horizontal lines on the back and front to provide precise control for passing and shots.
  • Foosballs – The foosballs are made of urethane to provide grip.  The grip is designed to last for tons of play.
  • Rods – The solid chrome rods are light and strong.  They are designed to withstand use without warping and allow for more speed, movement, and torque.  The rods include a set of rod guards to reduce possible serious injuries to players of all ages.  The handles are made of durable synthetic rubber to provide a hard, yet slightly soft griper that will not chip, split, or bend.  There is custom side bearings that allow the rods to be easily removed and reassembled in seconds.
  • Includes – A soccer table maintenance kit that includes: 1 extra red- and 1 black man, 1 bearing wrench, silicone lubricant, 1 pin pouch, and 2 high-quality foosballs.
  • Assembly – Quick and easy assembly that takes approximately 30 minutes from box to play.
  • Warranty – There is a 1-year limited warranty on all replacement parts and a 3-year extended warranty option.

Where To Buy

warrior professional foosball table play

What We Like

  • Safety – The Warrior foosball soccer table has a rod guard system designed to protect against injuries for all ages of players.
  • Durability – The table is built to handle aggressive play with the box structure, the playing field material, and the chrome rods that resist warping.   Warrior provides an initial maintenance kit to keep you in the game.
  • Play – Warrior’s advancements in foosball playing technology provide for fast-action play.  The advanced ball control due to both the ball and men gripping abilities to provide precision in play.
  • Rods and Bearings – The rods are all chrome and resist warping and the bearings are built into the table side, which allow for quick removal and reassembling.
  • Assembly – The table is quick and easy to assemble.

warrior professional foosball table ball returnWhat We Don’t Like

  • Ball Return Tube – The return tubes do not work well, and every few balls become stuck in the tube.  Removing the tube helps, but then there is no catch for the ball.
  • Balls – While the balls are designed for gripping, it does slow them down on the field.  If the player does not put some power behind the hit, it can become a dead ball on the field.  This can be problematic for an inexperienced player.
  • Assembly – The instructions are difficult to read and lack detail, but there is a YouTube video that helps.

Best Suited For

  • Professional Players – Professional or experienced players will be best suited for the Warrior table.
  • High Traffic – The table is durable and designed for a lot of playing and is ideal for a busy office or pub.
  • Expense – For those looking for a professional gaming table that is affordable for family play as well, this table is a great value for the money.

Not So Great For

  • New Players – The Warrior professional table may be somewhat disappointing for a new player that does not have the power and experience to keep the ball in play.

warrior pro foosball tableThe Verdict

The Warrior professional foosball table has technological advances to provide a competitive level game.  The rod guard system removes some of the dangers of the game.  The construction is designed to deliver an active and accurate game with balls and men geared for precision.  The rods are easily removed and reassembled for quick maintenance or repair.  The assembly may have some instruction issues, but it is relatively quick.

Overall, the Warrior is an exceptional game that can be used in any setting to provide a championship level game and is the only table recognized by both the ITSF and the USTSF.  The design is durable and will last for hours of rough soccer table play.