Tornado Classic Foosball Table Review

The Tornado Classic Foosball Table is called “classic” for a good reason, it has all the features that make for good play, and is little changed over several years. This edition was introduced in 2010, replacing an earlier model, but the basics of a solid fun foosball remain unchanged.  This table is strong and will last for years, whether you are just playing for fun, or whether you have professional aspirations.

It has the three-goalie system introduced by Tornado. It is built around the commercial tables concept, which Tornado used to work with before launching their own brand. This solid table is built for family use, and offers a very good foosball experience.  It may not have all the bells and whistles that professionals use, but even professionals would enjoy playing on this solid and classic table.

image credit: Wayfair


  • Leather laminate cover – The black cover gives it a sharp appearance that will fit in with any decor.
  • Professional qualities – Tornado borrowed some of the high performance parts from commercial tables for this model.
  • Solid construction – At more than 200 pounds, the table is sturdy enough to handle a lot of play without wearing down or looking bad.
  • Counterbalance – The players you are controlling are balanced to stay where you put them.
  • Fast surface – The playing surface is made of laminate and is very smooth, making for a fast field of pay.
  • Thinner bearings – New with this design is a narrower inner bearing so the game does not allow the ball to be passed from a man to the wall.
  • Warranty – The Tornado Classic table comes with a one year warranty on parts from Tornado.

Where To Buy

What we like

  • Design – Tornado has long been a maker of commercial games, and they have kept the quality and somewhat professional style of play with the game.  It has a lot of high performance parts that elevate the game. It also has the ball return on one side only, and that makes it a little easier with one on one games.
  • Legs – This game has adjustable legs, which adjust pretty easy, to help with getting the table level.
  • Control – Tornado’s men in the foosball game give exceptional control. You don’t just smack the ball and hope for the best with this game. The counterbalanced men allows you to set them in position and they stay there, and this makes one – on – one play easier.
  • Quality – This game has  steel rods that won’t bend or warp easily, and their quality should make them last for years.  The men are Tornado’s design and made of wood, and the balls  are of urethane and high quality.
  • Parts – Tornado has kept some basic parts the same. Many pieces of this machine are can be retrofitted if you prefer a different color or design. Older parts can also be used on the new one if you need, or want to.

Things we didn’t like

  • Size – Just part of being a good foosball table makes this heavy at more than 200 pounds. It is a little hard to move, but that also gives stability, so its not terrible.
  • Putting it together – The game comes not assembled, which is not a surprise. Some of the pieces are very heavy and it would be very hard for one person to put this together. You have to turn the base over several times while putting it together.
  • Customer service – Some have reported difficulty with customer service, but when they persisted, they got what they needed. The table is fine quality, so problems are not very common.

Best suited for …

This game is great for fairly serious players, and is good for families that enjoy playing together. There are some professional like qualities, so even a pro might enjoy playing this table, so an amateur who really likes the game would be the ideal player.

Not so great for …

Very casually interested players. It is not the most expensive game out there, but it is not cheap either. If it is only going to be played once a month or so, you won’t appreciate how good this game is.

The Verdict

If you really like foosball, and want a quality game to play with, this is the one for you.  The classic table is made by a company that has made them commercially for years. They know the tables, and they kept the things that worked best and put them in this game.

While this is not a professional table perhaps, it is still very good, and one that  would last even with heavy use in a family setting. The table is good enough that you could develop some serious skills if you were so minded. Reviewers say the modern version of this table has a different kind of foot on the men, and that makes control more precise. That is just one of the things carried over from the professional level to the family level.

The table is also easy to use, and easily adjustable for one on one competition, as well as teams playing.The ball retrieval is on one side, and that makes one on one games easier. The table is big enough to accommodate teams as well. There is a lot to like about this table if you are a serious fan of foosball, and not much to not like.