Kick Legend Foosball Table Review

Tired of the same old foosball tables? Are you looking for a different design that transforms your table into a conversation piece and something that stands out? If so, the Kick Legend Foosball Table may be the table for you. The design adds a slight variation to the legs, yet this dimple change really makes all the difference. Plus, with quality products used in the construction of the table you will love playing on it. It does feature a slightly different player configuration, so make sure you look into this before buying, just to make sure it fits what you need. However, if the price is right and you love the look, the Kick Legend Foosball Table is a solid upgrade for your game room, man cave or anywhere else you might want to include it.


  • kick legend foosball tableCurved legs offer an excellent design esthetic to help it stand out from the other foosball tables on the market.
  • Abacus scoring with minimal design to keep a low profile yet make it easy to instantly see the score of your game.
  • Easy to set up with a durable and elegant design
  • 1 figure goal tender (instead of the three player option found on other foosball tables). As you setup the table you can change player configurations in order to include three goalies (although the two additional figures must be removed from other figure lines).
  • Dimensions are 55 inches in length, 30 inches in width and 34 inches in height.
  • Leg levelers to ensure your table is always flat. Helps prevent unfair advantages of the ball rolling in one direction or the other.
  • 2 Foosballs provided
  • Total table weight is 143 pounds.

What We Like

  • kick legend foosball table playing surfaceThe overall design. The curved legs on the table really make it stand out. It is actually a rather simple alteration to the table, and yet it makes all the difference. Without these sail-like legs the table would simply look like most other tables. Of course, it is still made from solid material, but the overall design on the Kick Legend Foosball Table is why you purchase it.
  • The weight of the table. The table, while not extremely heavy, is still heavy enough to keep it level, even when you are in the middle of a very competitive match. While it might not work for a bar or other location where you can’t guarantee what happens to it on a daily basis, it is perfect for game rooms.

What We Don’t Like

  • Only two balls. You will likely need to order additional balls at the same time of purchasing the Kick Legend Foosball Table. It only comes with two foosballs, and if you have ever played on a table before you know how easy it is for something to be misplaced. For the price, you’d think it could add in a few additional balls, but that is not the case.
  • The corners of the playing surface. Many foosball tables have curved corners, so it is more like an indoor soccer field rather than a rectangle. The squared off, 90 degree angle can cause some problems with the ball becoming stuck in the corner or causing rather awkward bounces when striking the corner.

kick legend foosball table ball returnBest Suited For

  • The home game room. The design of the table does not make it heavy duty enough to play in a sports bar or in most other public locations. However, it is a nice addition to the game room. It looks beautiful and is perfect for when you have friends over.

Not So Great For

  • Anything public. The design of the table is fantastic and you’ll want to show it off, but keep it in your home. It isn’t able to withstand a heavy bar crowd. The surface is scratched easily and will stain if drinks are left on top. Plus, if drinks are spilled in the corners it will be extremely difficult to clean out. On top of this, while the wide arching legs look great, these will likely catch legs and knees in a crowded bar where people can’t see the curve of the leg.

The Verdict

Overall it is a nice looking table. The Kick Legend Foosball Table features unique legs and the material used is generally good. There are some issues with the design though, including the squared off corners. You can switch from three to one goalies, yet you’ll need to take it from the rest of your figures. On top of this, it is not tournament size, so if you want to host an official tournament you’ll need to go with a different table. Plus, only coming with two foosballs is a bit of an annoyance. Not a big deal and it won’t change the way you play with the table, but it is an immediate expense you’ll need to pay out, and usually when spending a good amount of money on a gaming table you’d like to have all the necessary game pieces covered.

With all of that said, if you want to add a foosball table to your game room and want to make sure it stands out without dropping a few grand on it, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to check out. If you like the table design and are alright with the slight table issues, feel free to pick it up for your home. Just make sure to grab some extra balls.