Carrom Signature Foosball Table Review

The Carrom Signature 55-inch foosball table is large and sturdy gaming table that can afford hours of fun. It is the perfect addition to a game room or bar area and can easily be used in a home, or commercial setting.

The cabinet is strong and has a good look to it. It comes in 4 different colors- Aegean green, burrow brown, black slate or Moroccan red. You can easily pick the color that fits best into your current décor. It effortlessly can help bring your room together thanks to its stylish design.

It’s good-looking enough to add to any home but sturdy enough to provide hours of endless and competitive fun. If foosball is your game of choice, this is a solid option for play.

image credit: Wayfair


  • Carrom Signature 55 in. Foosball Table in burr oakSturdy. This is a foosball table that will withstand any amount of competitive play. It has legs that are sturdy and come with levelers. They also have 2-inch support tubes for added stability. Each side is constructed with 1-inch thick sides and ends.
  • Mechanics. Its thick rods are self-lubricating to ensure ease of action and precision-straightened to maximize accuracy. Players are counterbalanced and have feet with cross-hatching to ensure tight connection with the ball for setting up shots.
  • Options. The fact that you can order the Carrom Signature foosball table in 4 different colors was a definite plus. By offering green, red, black and brown, you can pick what color table fits best into your setting. This is the kind of table that can easily match a home’s rec room décor, or a barroom playing floor.
  • Size. By offering 55-inches of table top, you can definitely experience foosball at its finest. You can set up shots to not only win, but to really hone your skills.



  • Carrom Signature 55 in. Foosball Table in aegean greenOptions. The Carrom Signature foosball table comes in 4 colors, an option that most manufacturers don’t think of. It was an added bonus that Carrom did. If offers their customers the chance to customize the table to the existing room’s décor.
  • Its look. It’s a good looking table. You definitely will enjoy showing it off to the family and friends. It fits perfectly in the game room, rec room, basement or bar area. It can easily complete the look of the room as a gaming center within your home.
  • Durability. Its built with the 2-inch reinforced legs to make it sturdy. The sides are 1-inches thick on all sides. The men are counterbalanced and rotate on thick hollow rods with natural wood handles. The bearings within are nylon self-lubricating so you will never have to worry about skipping or hesitating with shots.
  • Gaming experience. This is one of the toughest tables we have seen in a long time too. You can easily let your friends go to town on this table and it will hold up perfectly. It’s durable and exciting. You’ll love adding it to your list of things-to-do when friends or family want a good game night.
  • The Extras. We really loved the addition of a cup holder on 4-sides. It was a definite advantage to playing.


  • Size. Yes the Carrom offers a large surface area of play. With dimensions of 57-inches by 31-inches by 17-inches you’ll love the space. The drawback though is that it comes at a weight of 180-pounds, considerably larger than other foosball tables. Forget about moving this table. Once it is set up, likely you have to leave it where it is for the long-haul.
  • Assembly. This tables comes completely deconstructed. That means someone good at building furniture may be needed. Yes- it has a detailed instructional manual, but that only goes so far with the build.


  • Carrom Signature 55 in. Foosball Table in moroccan brownLarge family game room. The table is one that is large. So large, in fact, that mobility is a definite issue. The size does make it extra-durable, but take it into consideration when you are first setting it up. Be sure that where you set it up is where you want it to stay.
  • Office Break Room. Also, due to the size, it does require some elbow room. Consider the dimensions and measure out your available space to ensure it will fit. Remember that when playing, you’ll want to provide adequate space to players.


  • Smaller areas. Remember the dimensions! This table is large and heavy. It needs a lot of room to accommodate it. If you have restricted or narrow space, this foosball table may not be right for you.
  • Homes that need mobility. Also, remember that most interior doors are 30-, or 32-inches in width. Be sure that your room can accommodate. This is particularly critical if you plan on building it somewhere and then relocating it to the room you want to station it in. Due to size, this may not be an option. Plus, at 180-pounds you’ll need quite a few able and strong bodies to move it if you change your mind.


The verdict on the Carrom Signature foosball table is that it is a good choice. It offers a lot of durability and sturdiness. Its sheer size is a testament to that! At 180-pounds and 55-inches of play space, you’ll love having the full gaming experience. That can be a detriment though if you don’t plan accordingly.

Be sure to measure your space so it can 1) fit the area and 2) be built where it is going to stay long-term. This is not the kind of gaming table that can easily be moved from one location to another without a lot of muscle.