American Heritage Element Foosball Table Review

Manufactured by American Heritage Billiards, the Element 58″ Foosball Table is designed a little differently than other foosball tables. With unusual details in the metal accents, it has a unique and sleek industrial look to it that will add to the decor of any serious game room. The style and solid craftsmanship will impress guests at game time, and the playing features will stand up to fierce competition. You and your friends and family can have intense fun while making memories playing foosball.

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Build Quality

The Element Foosball Table is handcrafted of engineered wood and has a maple veneer. The accent trim is metal to match the style of the table. The design is distinctive with its tough industrial appearance and the workmanship is of heirloom quality for long lasting game fun. The over all dimensions are 59.5 x 33.2 x 15 inches. The wood seems to have been carefully chosen and prepared so that grain patterns in the wood become a beautiful detail of the piece. That adds further support to a strong design and manufacture, which makes for a foosball table that is as durable as it looks. Finally, the wood has a distressed finish to it to add that certain pizzazz to the industrial styling.


  • Black and silver players shine as they spin.
  • The cabinet has modern details with metal trim around the edges and crossed metal beams below for sturdy support.
  • The legs are adjustable with levelers built in.
  • Two ball returns, four balls, and manual scorers are included with the table.
  • The table weighs about 180 pounds.
  • 1 year warranty

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What We Like

The industrial-looking style of the Element Foosball Table is very attractive for a game room that has a metal-lover’s design to it. The sleek cross beams in the shape of an ‘X’ add flair as do the colors of the players and the table over all. With a distinct lack of primary colors this is a foosball table for those who take their fun seriously. While this will appeal to older kids because it feels more ‘grown-up’, it has a particular adult sensibility about it that will appeal to the young at heart of other age groups.

The grips and levers move smoothly. Assembly takes only an hour or two. The levelers make the foosball table adjustable to any kind of floor. This is important because many game rooms are in basements and many basements have slightly uneven floors. This foosball table would make an impression in any room upstairs, as well.

What We don’t Like

Depending on the lighting in a game room, the black players on the table may be a little hard to see while in play.

The table is heavy, and while this makes for a secure playing surface, it can make the table difficult to move once it has been assembled. The base bolts to the table and so it could be partially disassembled for a move to another building. However, once the entire piece is assembled it can be difficult to reach the bolts if you wanted to simply move it to another room. So choose the location of your foosball table well and then assemble it in place.

The same metal accents and style that attract people with more industrial tastes may not work for those who prefer the more traditional look of rounded corners and all wood grain for their foosball table.

One issue that we noticed was the tendency for the wood trim around the edges to sometimes come loose. While this is annoying, it is easily fixed with some good glue.


The Element Foosball Table is a great investment for the upscale industrial look of a game room. It features excellent craftsmanship and great features that complement memorable competitions. This foosball table is close to commercial level in its engineering and design. It’s not what you’d expect for typical home use either, especially considering the intense style that is definitely not designed for ‘little kid’ appeal. That aspect provides a great deal of flexibility in general game room design. It can raise the bar for home game room furnishing while remaining a great price for the buyer. At the same time it can fit into any commercial business like a sports bar, fire hall, or gaming arcade. American Heritage Billiards also supplies other types of game room furniture that coordinate well together so your game room can have that professional, finished look. This foosball table is an exceptional game room deal.