American Heritage Carlyle Foosball Table Review

There are some foosball tables that are designed specifically for enjoyment with a very basic look. These kinds of tables can fit just about anywhere and work with any environment. However, if you want something a bit more elegant in design with a sophistication perfect for a high-end look, the American Heritage Carlyle Foosball Table may just be the perfect table for you. It has an overall look and finish unlike other options out there, and while it does cost more than your standard foosball table, when it comes to sheer craftsmanship, it is tough to beat what this option has for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to outfit your man cave in the basement or an Irish pub, this table will look and feel right at home. It simply comes down to whether or not you’re up for paying extra for the high-end finish or not.


  • Beautiful parquet playing surface gives it a unique, almost antique look. The appearance is far superior to the laminate playing surface common on other foosball tables.
  • Table is made from maple veneer with deep finishes to give more contrast and interesting design features.
  • Classic abacus scoring feature.
  • Total table dimensions are 30.5 inches in length, 62 inches wide and 34.5 inches tall.
  • Heavy duty construction weighs the table at 154 pounds. This helps reduce possible movement during play and helps anchor the table down in most locations.
  • Four inset cup holders to prevent spills and moisture build-up on wood surface. This helps avoid stains and tarnishes to the wood stain
  • 3-man goalie system with figures designed to look like classical soccer players in beautiful green/white uniforms.

What We Like

  • The look of the table. The table is one of the more beautiful foosball tables you will find on the market. It features an exceptional wood finish in espresso brown. It looks as if it should be out of an old English pub. The craftsmanship of the inlets help break up the solid wood look, which really compliments the look.
  • The playing surface is one of the best looking surfaces on the market. It makes it feel like an actual grass field under lights at night.
  • The solid weight construction makes it difficult to move and tip over. Whether playing on carpet or on a solid flooring, the table shouldn’t move at all.
  • Tournament size, so whether practicing for a foosball tournament or you just want the real size option in the house, this is the way to go.

What We Don’t Like

  • The legs. While the table itself is beautifully designed, the legs seem rushed and out of place. The rest of the table has inlets carved in and hanging lips at the top. The legs however are flat and basic, as if these legs are designed for a less expensive table. The legs actually detract from the overall beautiful of the foosball table.
  • The price. The price is on the higher end. While it is under a thousand dollars, it is something you’ll spend more on than many other tables on the market. Of course, you are paying for the materials and the overall look, which also makes it frustrating the legs were completely overlooked in the design.

Best Suited For

  • Home that likes quality. This is a table that really screams style and sophistication. Despite the lack of design quality in the legs, this is a table that commands attention and is perfect for the man cave that already has a high end look and feel to it. If the room has wood flooring, a stone fireplace or other quality design features, this table is going to look right at home with it.
  • The Irish/Scottish/English pub. If you are a pub or bar owner and want to bring in a beautifully designed table that accents a wood bar top and other old-English features, this table will be the perfect addition. It is sturdy enough to not move or tip over easily and it is regulation size.

Not So Great For

  • House with young children. As the table is made from wood, this is not the table to have around young children. It scratches easily, and if you are not careful you’ll end up with an expensive table that is full of scratches and other marks. You may also want to think twice about having a puppy or cat around the table as well. Maybe having the inferior legs on the table isn’t that big of a deal when you have a pet.
  • Looking for an inexpensive table. The American Heritage Carlyle Foosball Table does not come cheap. Yes, there are plenty of other tables that cost more than this, yet still it does come with a steeper price tag. If you have a smaller budget or just don’t want to spend a good amount of money on a beautifully designed table, go with something less expensive.

The Verdict

This is a beautiful table that looks great in your home. It is something that will cost far more than other tables out there, so keep this in mind. When it comes to this table you’ll simply need to determine whether or not you want to pay this much for a table and if having a high-end material table is right for your family or other location. If it is, go ahead and pick it up.